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CMM College of Theology enters our 15th year of offering affordable Christian accredited degrees globally online in English & Spanish is accepting applications

CMMCOT offers YOU ways to grow in passion and hunger for the Lord. Study in fresh ways as we build on faith to edify and encourage through experiential, revelatory & fun ways to see transformed lives.”

— Jorge Parrott

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, July 6, 2021 / — CMM College of Theology, now entering our 15th year of offering affordable Christian accredited degrees globally online in English, Spanish and Thai is accepting applications for the next school term starting in August and graduation in May 2022. Since we have been offering online classes for many years COVID season did not hinder us in weekly classes. During COVID-19 season students can study from home right where they are! Great for busy, working families wanting to grow stronger in the Word and Holy Spirit and discover the reason they were created. We offer a unique, engaging, transformative, experiential atmosphere where students learn along with others from various nations. Our school offers key distinctions that set us apart from the typical school. (Check our website and APPLY TODAY)

We have helped many nation changers, both in ministry and secular jobs. Some have pastored churches for decades and knew there was more to the Word and Holy Spirit than what they learned years ago. Many students working in the business, education and government sectors have also found creative strategies to help them impact their ‘sphere’ of influence in the marketplace with the character of Jesus Christ.

Our school is great for busy, working families who don’t want to leave their families, home or jobs to earn their advanced degree. We offer Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Ph.D. degrees. Now accepting applications for classes starting in August 2021. Classes are also available in Spanish.

With our new equivalency offering possible credit you may be able to advance in your studies by earning credit for ministry work and education you have already taken that did not offer a degree to you previously! Contact us to learn more and set up a one on one zoom session to get all your questions answered.


Associate Degree: God, the Bible, and you
To understand and hear God in the NT and daily life, to find greater freedom from bondage and religion; and to put some basic principles in place, including identity in Christ and God’s timetable.

Bachelor Degree: Foundations, Character and Relationship
To lay a solid foundation; gain deeper insight into God’s character through OT history with a personal application; to hear God through scripture and daily life more clearly, and acquire a better understanding of God’s timetable in a greater context of personal relationship.

Master Degree: Ministry Foundations of Prophetic and Theology
To better understand the OT prophets by the Spirit of God in their timeline; to gain a heart of discernment and maturity looking at current prophets and better understand God’s expression personally, and to explore basic theology in a revelatory way through the Word of God and by His Spirit; in an environment for the student to gain deeper insight for a life of ministry, whether in a secular job or an actual ministry position.

Master of Theology Degree: Relationships, Leadership and You
To understand Biblical principles and history in a life-giving way that can be applied to find personal expression and clarity of God’s plan as a leader in the coming harvest through revelatory theology and applied missions as led by the Spirit and the Word of God. This course offers two tracks, revelatory Theology and missions.

Doctor of Ministry Degree: Finding Your Voice for the Body of Christ
To gain a heart of revelation, knowledge, and understanding for one’s contribution to the body of Christ. Then to be able to express through a dissertation leading to a book.

Doctor of Theology or Ph.D. Degree: Finding Your Voice for Humanity
To gain a heart of revelation, knowledge, and understanding for one’s contribution to humanity and then to be able to express some part of the whole through a dissertation leading to a book.

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