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“Yoroflow team has spent this year paving the way for “YOROBOARD”, which is an excellent way to organize, visualize, and collaborate the Yoroboard tasks.”

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Taiichi Ohno, an Industrial Expert from Toyota Motors – Japan, is credited with developing the first Kanban tool.

This tool was adopted by David J. Anderson in 2004. He implemented the method to SDLCs, knowledge-oriented platforms, and IT sectors.

When organization need to accomplish individual or team targets, managing just a to-do list won’t satisfy the purpose. Everyone will need an automated workflow, visualized to show the direction for goal accomplishment.

“Yoroflow team has spent this year paving the way for “YOROBOARD”, which is an excellent way to organize, visualize, and collaborate the Yoroboard tasks.”

Everything an organization can acquire by adopting the Kanban task management methodology using Yoroboard; the latest feature launch of this year.

The tasks when put on a Yoroboard, represented by cards, can help better understand the roadmap you are aimed, and make it simple to achieve tasks in time. So, organizations can plan and implement anything from a task list, with Yoroboard to have a bird’s eye view on the flow from beginning to end.

Kanban methodology depends on visualizing business workflow. It is done through dedicated task boards for various categories.

“Yoroboard consists of cards collected in a proper column format. These cards can be shifted across and around within various columns to perform tasks.”

Here’s how an organization can use Yoroboard to optimize business workflow: Board Creation, Move Tasks to Board, Custom Backgrounds, Custom Status, Assign Card, Task board Management, Activity Log, and Templates.

There are lots of benefits to adopting Yoroboard. Here is a handful of them – “Increased Team Focus, Boost Productivity, Better Visibility, Enhanced Efficiency, and Preventing Team Getting Pressured.”

SME’s can toggle between multiple tasks in just a couple of clicks using Yoroboard. It means, all task boards will be in a single place, from individual to-do boards to business team planning boards. Stakeholders can move between them at any time easily.

Instead of the traditional checklist, Yoroboard can be used. It gives the ability to manage and visualize the tasks by using cards that are dragged over the workflow columns.

This is how Yoroflow launched Yorobaord which can help organizations in any workflow systematically.

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