Wounding Warriors by Lt. Col. Daniel M Gade and Daniel Huang

Lt. Col. Daniel M Gade and former Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Huang

Publisher of Wounding Warriors

The book will open a lot of eyes to an important topic that affects the veteran community.”

— Andy Symonds, Publisher and President of Ballast Books

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — Wounding Warriors: How Bad Policy is Making Veterans Sicker and Poorer, the latest title release from Ballast Books, was named to the Wall Street Journal Top-10 Books to Read for September, Ballast Books president Andy Symonds announced today.

The heavily researched book is an expose on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, which has been rife with scandal and charges of ineptitude as it’s charged with caring for American military veterans. Wounding Warriors is the combined effort of authors Daniel M. Gade, a retired US Army lieutenant colonel who lost a leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq and is a two-time Purple Heart recipient, and Daniel Huang, a former Wall Street Journal reporter. They interviewed dozens of veterans and combed through years of literature to compile a wealth of data leading to the conclusion: our system of caring for veterans, post-military, is broken.

“This designation affirms that this is an important story that should be told, and read, at this time. It will open a lot of eyes to an important topic that affects the veteran community,” Symonds said. “The subjects of the book gave so much for their country; it’s only right that the country returns the favor.”

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