Women Owned, The Guidance Agency Disrupts The Industry And Becomes The New Modern And Inclusive Approach To Surrogacy

UNITED STATES , July 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Starting a family is a wonderful journey, but oftentime the path to parenthood poses obstacles.

According to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention), around six percent of women aged fifteen to forty-four years in the United States deal with infertility issues within the first year of trying to conceive. About twelve percent of them will struggle to carry their pregnancy to term.

The Guidance Agency understands how stressful going down this road is. As a surrogacy agency, they make it their priority to be more than that. They understand that the process they guide you through is sacred and personal. Every surrogate or donor, as well as intended parents, has different desires that need to be met accordingly. Their goal is to do things the right way, right away. They intend to make this process as stress-free as possible and memorable for everyone involved.

Made up of a team of women with experiences in the industry that left a bad taste in their mouths as professionals and patients, they know how frustrating it is.

Being there every step of the way, they want to make sure to change the common experience and provide anyone who comes to them with warmth, compassion and sensitivity. For those reasons, they deliver their best and expertise.

“Trust is the most important aspect of this process. Every team member of our agency has been through the trauma of infertility and everyone knows how painful it is”, says the agency.

Their willingness to help goes above and beyond. The Guidance Agency helps and guides LGBTQ+ and international parents through each step of the process. They provide education and unparalleled support as well as facilitating access to egg donors and gestational surrogates.

Understanding the pressure and responsibility resting on the shoulders of all parties, everything is made as easy-to-understand in order to make everyone feel included and avoid misinformation. The environment that they create is what sets them apart. Inclusivity, trust and understanding are part of their values as they set their clients with a trusted contact and a personalized team of professionals that they can rely on.

The testimonies speak for themselves.

“Everyone was so helpful. They answered all our questions and assisted us in all parts of the surrogacy and donor process. They were always there to answer our questions. They really helped us navigate the whole process. We just welcomed our baby boy into the world” attested Mike and Diane.

With their holistic approach, going to the Guidance Agency is coming home to family.

For those interested in learning more about them, the website can be found here.

ABOUT The Guidance Agency
The Guidance Agency is an egg donation and surrogacy agency. They are an inclusive community dedicated to compassion, knowledge, and excellence in growing families, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy.

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