Woman Trading Options Makes Up To $1,000 Daily in Just Minutes With The 20 Minute Trader™

20 Minute Trader - Options Trading

20 Minute Trader Camilla- “Literally, one day I made $600 in less than a minute!”

20 Minute Trader - Options Trading Technique

Jeremy Russell, President and creator of The 20-Minute Trader “You can do this!”

20 Minute Traders place one options trade a day, in and out in minutes, and make hundreds or thousands of dollars most days. Most have no experience at all.

The predictable pattern is easy to learn and happens about the same time every day. We show you step-by-step how we trade it. Some of my students even blow me out of the water! It’s exciting to see.”

— Jeremy Russell- President

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Camilla was getting confused and frustrated with other options trading courses until she found Jeremy Russell, The 20 Minute Trader™. After only one week of training, she was making $300 to $1000 most days in minutes with only one trade.

“The 20-Minute Trader explained the basics of trading in such a simple manner and taught me how to follow a very simple pattern in trading that only takes a few minutes a day. It gave me the confidence to jump in right away and use this knowledge to place my own trades. I doubled my initial investment in one month… and three months later I 5x my initial investment for less than an hour of my time each week.”

Creator and President of The 20-Minute Trader™, Jeremy Russell, explains. “Our courses and classes teach how I found a predictable pattern, in which a particular stock price falls and rises daily at around the same time. I’ve used this to buy options at the bottom and sell them at the rise to make 3% to 15% profit most days, reliably, in less than twenty minutes. These courses give a simple and fun understanding of option trading and the stock market and show how an exact, predictable, short, daily pattern can be discovered and traded. We also include training on what stock options are (a confusing subject made easy). Even if you have no experience in trading options, most people can get up to speed and trading in about a week.”

“I’m making more money trading than I am working my nine to five” says Camilla. “I realized doing some research, that other courses are so confusing the way they’re presented… that my willingness to confront it and actually do it was very low. But The 20 Minute Trader™ course was so simple! And you don’t need to know a lot of technical jargon. It’s just, this is the pattern…this is what you’re looking for… this is what you do and boom! $500 bucks in five minutes! Literally one day I made $600 in less than a minute!”

We asked Camilla what a typical day of trading looks like for her. “I wake up and pour myself a cup of coffee, sit down at my computer, have my graphs and my charts ready and I look for the pattern. Within minutes I’ve bought and sold my trade and made anywhere from three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars in less than ten minutes. I close my computer and I don’t have to think about the stock…I don’t have to think about anything else going on with the stock or any other stocks for the day and I go to work or whatever.”

The 20 Minute Trader™ courses cost less than most other options trading courses. “I don’t think anyone could do this without the knowledge on this course,” Camilla says, smiling. “Sure, you could make money on the stock market but having the proven pattern that works day in and day out… I just don’t see it happening.”

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