WMBA Limited announces partnership to act as administrator for CTDI Indices on the MarketDesk platform

WMBA CTDI China Energy Index

WMBA Limited partners with CTDI Indices to act as administrator on the MarketDesk platform

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — WMBA Limited, one of the first three globally approved index benchmark administrators whose portfolio contains the RONIA and EURONIA indices, and CTDI, the new innovative creator of a range of unique Commodity market indices, today announced a partnership where WMBA will act as administrator for CTDI’s custom indices.

WMBA’s experience, knowledge, and rigorous application of IOSCO Principles promote index integrity and transparency provides user confidence in CTDI’s index products.

The CTDI indices, which can be accessed via MarketDesk, are designed to supply market participants with leading macro-economic insights by benchmarking China commodities futures that influence global trade, including Steel, Grains and Energy. These are just the first of a unique index family to specifically cover commodities markets, but then extend into the brave new world of carbon trading and introducing new transparency into an area of global concern.

A preview of the indices is available at https://www.marketdesk.com/ctdindices/

Commenting on what the indices will mean to the marketplace:

“As a longstanding authorised benchmark administrator, with experience of managing critical benchmarks, WMBA Ltd is excited to be able to help bring rigour and world-class governance to vital classes of new indices providing accurate and reliable pricing for the benefit of market participants all over the world.” David Clark, Chairman, WMBA

“These are the world’s first indices that bring insights and visibility to Chinese commodities futures. China is now the world’s largest consumer of commodities playing a central role setting global prices. Our family of Chinese commodity indices help investors and traders benchmark China’s increasing and ever more important demand.” Paul Hsu, CEO, CTD Indices

“We are delighted to be part of the technical delivery and distribution solution for these unique, thoughtful and highly relevant market benchmarks.” Brice Hamon, Founder & CEO, MarketDesk.

About WMBA Ltd. https://www.wmbaltd.com

A market leader in governance of financial benchmarks. A leader in the governance of financial indices, WMBA Limited was one of the first FCA approved Benchmark Administrators under the UK Benchmarks Regulation (‘BMR’) and formerly under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (‘BMR’) and the predecessor FCA MAR 8. WMBA Limited is listed on the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) ‘Benchmarks Register’ located in the United Kingdom which lists entities that have been authorised or registered pursuant to Article 34 of the Benchmarks Regulation.

About CTD Indices. https://www.ctdindices.com

CTD Indices is an innovative provider of indices and index solutions to the global financial services industry. Our focus is unique in that we create high-quality benchmarks based around commodity futures and cash markets that measures not only economic activity for these markets, but also anticipate how these movements will impact investors trading on exchanges. We provide bellwethers for proactive, not reactive investing, to meet investors’ needs for an ever-changing global market.

About MarketDesk. https://www.marketdesk.com

MarketDesk delivers innovative global market data solutions featuring a one-of-a-kind modern platform for content owners to distribute their financial data and content to a global community that prizes ease of use and mobility with cutting-edge technology. Through MarketDesk, content owners can distribute their data to clients, reach new ones and connect employees and applications over the internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control.

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