Wizard of Wellness: Kimberly Seabrooks Launches Personal Health Care Coaching Platform

Kimberly Seabrooks is the gold standard of goal-getting. She stops the struggle through easy nutrition and expert accountability coaching.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , September 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many diets, supplements, and workouts claim to be the key to sustainable weight loss. Whether it’s a heavy restriction, vigorous exercise, or herbs with “fat-burning” properties that will let you drop 10 pounds in your sleep, the art of weight loss can be incredibly frustrating.

So many among us feel like we can’t lose weight without making extreme lifestyle choices.

So, what’s the skinny, and how can we think thin?

Kimberly Seabrooks is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach whose goal is to help women unleash their ultimate power through health and wellness.

Seabrooks firmly believes that you cannot be the best if you are not healthy in every aspect of your life.

This influential change agent employs a positive, person-first, science-based approach to optimal health and personal transformation.

Precision Nutrition is a personalized, evidence-based healthy nutrition and lifestyle program that teaches individuals how to adopt highly effective healthy eating and lifestyle habits to improve physical and cognitive health.

Nutrition coaches are skillful wellness experts who lead the way towards a more proactive, healthier future.

Seabrooks coaching program energizes clients to take hold of their lives through physical activity, nutritional advice, and behavioral changes necessary to turn their lives around. Her dynamic program includes one-on-one nutrition and behavior-change coaching, which she delivers remotely. Topics covered include nutrition, stress management, sleep, and emotional and mental health.

Through Seabrooks personalized coaching, accountability, and daily lessons, participants can enhance their well-being, time management, focus, and productivity.

Seabrooks Precision Nutrition program offers a sustainable, practice-based approach to becoming fitter, getting healthier, and improving performance. Included is a free initial consultation followed by a $149 per month plan. To learn more about Kimberly Seabrooks coaching program, visit https://procoach.app/kimberly-seabrooks

Functional nutrition coaches take an integrated, broad-reaching view on wellness, which involves being a fervent believer in healing yourself through food as medicine and doing the best you can to maintain optimal health in every possible way.

Weight loss requires commitment and consistency, so it is crucial to focus on changes you won’t grow tired of that cause you to feel overwhelmed.

When going on a weight loss journey, the most crucial question is whether you are making maintainable changes for the long term.

Seabrooks examines the current condition and provides education on autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, longevity, and inflammation. This enables her to serve clients holistically, establishing a lifestyle and dietary practices that foster sustained health.

But a program is only as good as a client’s motivation. That’s why, as your health coach, Seabrooks will be your personal accountability partner to help you stay consistent and on track.

In 2016, after hearing an interview with Nathaniel Jordan, a man who overcame heart disease and diabetes with a healthy diet and exercise, made Seabrooks realized what she needed to do to control her own weight issues. After taking hold of her health through a consistent approach, she embarked upon a path to become a leading health coach, serving women of all ages with their fitness goals.

Her influencers include Lisa Nichols, one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers and media personality and corporate CEO, Les Brown: One of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers; and Nathaniel Jordan: Minister Of Wellness who Seabrooks interviewed on the podcast Intellectual Chocolate with Dr. Boyce Watkins, PHD.

Kimberly Seabrooks holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Northwood University. She will attend the Harvard Business School’s Organizational Development program this February 2022.

If you are eager to deepen your knowledge in nutrition science, further your health education, or apply nutrition expertise in your own life, visit http://www.kimshealthcoaching.com and her Youtube Channel: Kim’s Health Coaching to learn more.

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