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To acquire the most reliable data and statistics for the league, esports followers has plumped for TheSports.

SINGAPORE, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ESL Pro League has come to a productive conclusion as e-sports enthusiasts from all over the world enjoyed the league with fervour. To acquire the most reliable data and statistics for the league, esports followers has plumped for TheSports.

The ESL Pro League is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) professional esports league, one of the major professional leagues in esports. Running globally, it is based on four regions: Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, and currently comprises 24 teams each season, including 12 Permanent Partner Teams.

Season 14 of ESL Pro League featured 24 of the best teams, and with a massive $750 thousand prize pool, this event brought action-packed matches for fans. Twenty-four teams formulated four groups of six each.

With over 758,000 people watching the thrilling finals, EPL S14 had the highest peak viewership for an online CS: GO tournament ever. The groundbreaking viewership of this season is mainly due to an unprecedented hike in the trend of esports owning to the covid situation. Where traditional games were halted, the esports events were able to find for themselves a virtual space.

During these times, TheSports have been a true partner for all the esports followers. With its market-leading sports data provider, TheSports provides promising coverage on e-sports. From tournament details to teams profiles, fans can retrieve all the data they require to learn, analyze and predict.

With its sports data feed, TheSports is not only serving sports lovers with up-to-date data but also helping companies and industries globally to grow their business and acquire their true commercial value. TheSports’ Data are benefiting a handful of e-sport companies.

ESL Pro League is one of the major e-sport events with a substantial fan base, and therefore, it is one of the widely covered e-sports events by TheSports. With this season coming to an ultimate conclusion, ESL Pro League and TheSports together have proven to be a great blessing for e-sports enthusiasts. TheSports has committed to be the leading sports data provider for ESL in the upcoming seasons as well.

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