Winning in the $30 Billion Global CBD Market

Success Story on Achieving #1 American CBD Supplier & Top 3 Global Plant Extract Supplier on Alibaba

Helping the world one hemp plant at a time”

— Cristina Blumenthal

DOYLESTOWN, PA, USA, August 16, 2021 / — Since Alibaba first launched American suppliers in 2019, Better Life Ventures LLC saw this as an opportunity to show the superior value equation with wholesaling organic, top-quality Colorado CBD industrial extracts in the Global market. Superior quality at high capacity was achieved through Colorado organic farming and advancements in laboratory science, combined with industry-leading supply chain management to ensure buyers received their quality shipments FAST.

The Alibaba platform enabled this category to better communicate to buyers the advantages and quality differences in products between suppliers. With the nature of the platform operating as on online 24/7 trade show, this framework allowed Better Life Ventures to have a strong communication plan to buyers educating them in how to know the differences.

By driving THE MARKETING, Better Life Ventures was able to gain over 500 monthly inquiries from buyers through their proprietary knowledge of winning on Alibaba.

The Sales Center in Macedonia was the critical component that turned “inquiries” into SALES. By investing in the infrastructure of a fully trained and operational sales force strategically located in Eastern Europe with strong English-speaking skills, Better Life Ventures was able to SCALE the operations and meet the demands of the various buyers around the world.

With proximity to Alibaba’s US headquarters, Better Life Ventures was able to work with the various cross-functional departments at Alibaba to pilot new programs, ensure up-to-date changes in the platform were addressed, and many other marketing engagements that led to breakthrough knowledge of winning on Alibaba.

The proprietary, winning formula is multi-faceted:
1. High-touch philosophy supported by an always on sales center
2. Deep analytics expertise to learn and take advantage of the platform algorithm
3. Agile test and learn mentality
4. Strong partnership with Alibaba to stay informed and partner on pilot opportunities

This winning formula allowed Better Life Ventures to breakthrough the competition and claim prestige performance claims such as Top Global Plant Extract Supplier based on monthly buyer inquires (this category includes broader segments than CBD such as essential oils) as well as #1 American CBD Supplier on Alibaba.

While we have earned these prestigious claims, our results are even stronger! Better Life Ventures has experienced tangible sales impact through establishing this winning infrastructure – significantly over delivering the past 4 quarterly forecasts and achieving an annual run-rate of over +1MM in under 2 years!! Better Life Ventures is also a frequently featured supplier on Alibaba marketing materials, website, and events.

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