Why Making a Difference Begins With “I Have An Idea”

Author Beverly Kievman Copen


Beverly Kievman Copen’s Mission To Inspire You To Want To Move Forward With Your Life

I love this book! It inspired me to take a look at my own life, and it gave me the tools, energy and the new ideas I need to live my life with more purpose, more passion and more joy. ”

— Linda Carson- WWSB-TV, ABC

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beverly Kievman Copen has been inspiring people for decades through her work as a glass ceiling shattering entrepreneur, an internationally in-demand motivational speaker, renowned photographer and acclaimed author.

Beverly asks a lot of questions and listens to the answers. She loves helping people find solutions, clarify their values, set goals, and develop plans to make things happen. She has been invited to speak in many countries and understands the importance of learning their culture. Her newest book, IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT?, offers life tools to deal with changes and difficult times.

IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT? tells a most remarkable story. Copen lived in Japan for 3 years. A year later, after she conducted a seminar in Tokyo, Japan, a young Japanese woman came up to her and said “I like the way you think. Would you be interested in writing a book for the Japanese market with our publisher?” Copen said YES. It took more than a year to work with Diamond Publishers to think through the theme and content. She wrote it in English, and it was published in Japan 2000, in Japanese with the title, “IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT”. During the recent long months in the global pandemic, Copen re-discovered the manuscript on her computer and made a commitment to revise it to become a “global” book. Her aim was that it can reach, and help, women and men in many countries.

The book paints a picture of how to look at your past, analyze your present, and re-imagine your future. Whatever your age, it provides a way to assess your desires, your strengths, and weaknesses and to put them into a framework that will help you construct a more fulfilling lifestyle throughout your life. The theme is based on how to manage change – especially when it is outside of your control. Copen openly discusses her successes as well as her mistakes, and the lessons learned from those achievements and the errors. Copen states, “we need to understand and deal with the New Normal for our lives.”

Beverly Kievman Copen’s book IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT?, is available on Kindle at Amazon or in print at Lulu.com.

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