Why are Veterinarians silent about CBD and how companies are providing a solution to this dilemma

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Pet owners and their veterinarians have been waiting for a much-needed solution to the shopping for pet CBD problem.

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pet owners and their veterinarians have been waiting for a much-needed solution to the shopping for pet CBD problem. For years, pet owners have been asking for guidance from their veterinarians in regard to CBD for pets. In most states veterinarians that recommend a specific product may risk disciplinary action as the usage of CBD in pets is new, clinical trials specifying dosing requirements are needed before veterinarians may offer brand recommendations. The Federal government has not placed therapeutic cannabis products in any ‘Food’, ‘Drug’ or ‘ Supplement’ category, therefore these products do not have any regulation. Veterinarians can not comment on a product for veterinary use until there is regulation. Rosalind Haley, owner of WildLifeRx.com decided to disrupt the business as usual model of shopping for pet CBD by offering an array of brands whose pet products are formulated by veterinarians. Her background is in pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine. All of the CBD products sold on WildLifeRx have been formulated by a veterinarian and some of those brands include Holistapet, PawMD, Sow Eden, Charlotte’s Web, Baileys, VetCBD and CBD Dog Health.

In 2019 and 2020, approximately 1 billion dollars of pet hemp products were purchased in the United States. Owner Rosalind Haley states, ‘Nearly half of the products sold in the United States are illegally labeled or are made using Hemp that contains pesticides or contains Hemp Seed Oil not CBD extract which has zero health benefits’. WildLifeRx was created in large part due to one specific incident that occurred at the veterinary hospital where Rosalind worked. A frantic owner whose dog needed to be brought in, bit into the glass dropper from a bottle of pet CBD. The charred glass, stuck inside his mouth, caused the dog to bleed so significantly that it made a trail from the car to the exam table and all over the staff that was trying to help him. As stated by Haley, “The situation was traumatizing for the pet, and for all those involved and this could have been 100% avoidable. The pet had a complete recovery but it cost the owner hundreds of dollars and the entire incident would have not occured, if the pet owner was given a plastic dropper when she purchased the product”. Every CBD Oil purchase at WildLifeRx includes a plastic calibrated dropper, a customized dosing schedule and a wellness plan. Rosalind Haley adds “I am not trying to replace a visit to the veterinarian, just make the entire pet CBD shopping process one that makes better sense’. In the United States Veterinarians are to recommend a store to a client therefore immediate plans include marketing directly to veterinarians, something considered ‘rebellious’ in this industry. Marketing directly to doctors is not new but it is new in the area of cannabis. They are in the process of hiring veterinary professionals in California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee and Kentucky.

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