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Designed for fun and easy sanitizing, WATCHOUT’s Kids Bands are the best way to keep children safe from COVID-19 as they go back to school

Designed for fun and easy sanitizing, WATCHOUT’s Kids Bands are the best way to keep children safe from COVID-19 as they go back to school”

— Allan Klepfisz

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 27, 2021 / — As part of its global information campaign, WATCHOUT ( is pleased to announce its unique sanitizing band that keeps children’s hands clean wherever they go.

As billions of children around the world are leaving the safety of their homes to go back to school while the highly contagious delta variant is causing a spike in pediatric infections, many parents are naturally concerned about their children’s health.

According to research cited by the international medical research journal BMJ, COVID-19 infections among younger children who are ineligible for vaccination are rising rapidly in the U.S. as in-person classes resume. The American Academy of Pediatrics recorded a staggering increase from 12,000 to 94,000 new infections in children between the months of July and August 2021. While Pfizer has announced that it will be releasing a vaccine for children under 12, the pharmaceutical company has not specified a roll-out date.

While parents anxiously await the vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds, in addition to wearing masks, keeping kids’ hands clean is critical during this time. Unfortunately, many school children don’t have the opportunity or inclination to sanitize often enough.

Passionate about curbing the spread of the coronavirus in children, WATCHOUT CEO, Allan Klepfisz, says, “Peace of mind is in short supply at the moment. For many kids, frequently finding a sink to wash their hands at school is not an option. Repeatedly getting up to use the classroom’s communal sanitizer bottle is disruptive, and very few kids carry sanitizer with them. At present, WATCHOUT bands are the most effective solution to keeping kids’ hands clean without disrupting lessons or learning, and offering parents peace of mind.”

Retailing for $19.95, Kids Bands by WATCHOUT Group are designed to keep little hands clean with one-handed operation. With a simple press of the nozzle, the sanitizing alcohol is released — allowing kids to effortlessly maintain germ-free hands. Simply take the tank out of the socket, fill it with a liquid sanitizer, and put it back. The tank is big enough for 300 sprays and lasts up to three days.

Determined to put their money where their mouth is, WATCHOUT has committed to donating their sanitizing bands to 100 classes from schools around the world. To receive complimentary bands, schools simply need to submit a request to the WATCHOUT team. The innovative startup, which designs and produces functional and affordable sanitizing devices, has already distributed its product to schools in the Bronx and Beijing.

WATCHOUT produces innovative, patent-pending products to protect us in these challenging times.

Our WATCHOUT KIDS BANDs make it easier and much more fun for kids to sanitize their hands whenever and wherever they need to. Children cannot receive vaccinations to date and for them masks and clean hands are the best protection.

For adults, our WATCHOUT BANDS offer the ultimate convenience for people on the go.

Our WATCHOUT SMARTCOVER is the worlds’ first phone and tablet cover that automatically sanitizes your screen with powerful UVC LEDs when you close it. It can also be used to sanitize other objects, is powered by a battery that can recharge your phone, and on the outside, it features an antimicrobial that will kill viruses and bacteria.

And our WATCHOUT WAND is the worlds’ first combined UVC light and fine mist atomizer to clean any type of surface including many that can’t easily be wiped.

WATCHOUT is dedicated to creating unique, cutting-edge products for the challenges of a new world.

Allan Klepfisz
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