VP Exclusive Announces Remove Subconscious Blocks, an online healing event

Veronica Parks is a Soul Healer and Wellness coach that helps people release negative emotions from the past and live a happier life

Veronica Parks is a Soul Healer and Wellness coach that helps people release negative emotions from the past

30 Day Life Transformation Program by Veronica Parks, a Soul Healer, Wellness Coach and the founder of VP Exclusive. She helps people release negative emotions from the past and live their life's purpose.

30 Day Life Transformation Program by Veronica Parks

soul healing sunday guided meditation to clear past trauma and karma

Soul Healing Sunday

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — VP Exclusive, a soul healing and life transformation company reviving the joy of the inner child in each client, announced today, a new program to remove subconscious blocks keeping people from feeling the love, appreciation, and adoration they desire and the confidence to allow it in.

“Most of us are walking around life with subconscious thoughts that create scenarios, fears, and reactions that do exact the opposite of what we desire. This comes from programming in early childhood as we develop our view of the world, start to understand how the world works and our place in it,” say Veronica Parks, soul healer and wellness coach with VPE. “


In this online healing workshop, attendees will get to Remove Subconscious Blocks preventing them from living a happy life. “Imagine the feeling of ultimate freedom from burdens, and anger, and hurts from the worlds we live in,” says Parks. “Isn’t it time to heal your heart on the subconscious level and live the dream life you deserve?”

The Remove Subconscious Blocks program takes attendees down a healing journey, removing conscious blocks in the way of dreams.

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In addition to Remove Subconscious Blocks, Parks offers a variety of soul healing meditations, including morning I AM mantras to start the day, sleep-training meditations, body healing meditations, and dozens of others on her exclusive channel on Patreon. To access, download the Patreon app to your smartphone, and search for Veronica Parks-Soul Healer.

For a complimentary session to find the childhood hurt blocking your success, visit: soulhealingsystem.com

For an intentioned start to the work week, join Veronica Parks each Sunday at 11:11 am Pacific Time for Soul Healing Sundays, an hour long joyous and refreshing start to a successful week. Register at mastersoulhealer.com/Sunday, or visit vpexclusive.com to set up a personal discussion.
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VP Exclusive is an international life transformation organization restoring lives by reprogramming the subconscious mind to transform unhealthy habits, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Founded by Veronica Parks, Soul Healer and Wellness Coach, VP Exclusive empowers people to bio hack their mind and body to live a healthier, happier life. VP Exclusive founder Veronica Parks designed the Soul Healing System, a proprietary method that clears blocks on the subconscious level to unleash clients’ innate superpowers. Parks’ Soul Healing System is designed to increase emotional wellbeing and dramatically improve relationships with self, love, family, finance, and career. For more, visit vpexclusive.com.

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