The new video was commissioned for the online exhibition Intersections

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2021 / — Vital Spaces, in partnership with Warehouse 21 and MAIDA, today announced the premiere of a newly commissioned video art piece, Intersections: Return. The video, filmed and edited by Ditch the Box Studios, features visual art by Taos artist Nikesha Breeze and poetry by Santa Fe artist Tintawi Kaigziabiher and was filmed at form & concept in Santa Fe. The video is available to view on the Intersections website (

“We’re thrilled to share this gorgeous video with the public. It powerfully reflects on the idea of return-through memory, ancestry, and mourning-in relation to the African diaspora,” says Vital Spaces Co-Executive Director Raashan Ahmad, “When we started working on the videos for Intersections, the goal was to see if different art forms coming together in a single video could amplify the resonance of each and this certainly succeeds in my opinion.”

Intersections, organized by Vital Spaces, MAIDA, and Warehouse 21 and funded by The City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department’s Cultural Investment Funding Program, brings together the work of 33 New Mexico-based artists on an online platform ( Rather than pick a single theme to structure the online exhibition, the Intersections website allows the viewer to sort the works of art by theme, medium, or location and the artists by professional and personal affiliations, in effect, generating hundreds of mini group exhibitions. The website also contains newly commissioned videos, of which this new release is one, that bring together artists working in different art forms to reflect on a common theme.

“The video was filmed within Breeze’s solo exhibition “Four Sites of Return: Ritual | Remembrance | Reparation | Reclamation” at form & concept. We are delighted to have a portion of the show reach a wider audience through this video and for form & concept to be included among the galleries affiliated with this citywide project,” says form & concept director, Jordan Eddy.

Vital Spaces, Warehouse 21, and MAIDA will be releasing two more Intersections premieres in the next few months. One centers on Alternate Realities and the other on Land and Place.


Vital Spaces aims to create a vibrant, inclusive arts community, providing accessible spaces and opportunities to create, present, and experience quality art. We seek to enhance Santa Fe’s reputation as a contemporary art center by lifting up low-income and underrepresented artists and fostering connections across a diverse intersection of local artists, residents, and visitors.

Warehouse 21 supports a diverse, inclusive, positive, and welcoming community for young people by encouraging art, public service, mentoring, and meaningful exchange that challenges, empowers, and grows artistic development.

MAIDA is a love story, a coming home story. An ever evolving project and expression of ancestry, homecoming, diaspora forced and chosen, memory learned and lost, reclamation and preservation. Inspired by her family and the land from which they came, Maida Branch founded MAIDA in 2017 – an online collective of Indigenous and Indo-hispano artists. MAIDA supports and promotes their work and preservation of their homelands with a 50/50 profit sharing model. Artists’ stories are told through the history of northern New Mexico via thoughtfully curated products/objects, photography, and short films about community and place.

form & concept challenges the perceived distinctions between art, craft and design. They dispute the historic use of these terms to divide artists and rank material culture. Their programming acts as a conversation between many converging disciplines, harnessing the power of contemporary creative practice to shatter entrenched narratives. form & concept mounts exhibitions of regional and international art. They engage the community through educational initiatives including workshops, lectures and artist residencies.

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