[Video] Opalesque Discusses Life Settlements with Laureola: How such Strategies Make Money and Extract Alpha

Matthias Knab (Opalesque) and Tony Bremness (Laureola Advisors)

Matthias Knab (Opalesque) and Tony Bremness (Laureola Advisors)

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Laureola Advisors Logo

Opalesque’s Matthias Knab arranged for a virtual manager visit with Tony Bremness, CFA, CIO of Laureola Advisors.

TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, October 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A Life Settlements investment is the sale in the USA of a life insurance policy to a 3rd party. It is legal, highly regulated, and both the buyer and seller profit.

Like most residents of advanced countries, Americans have a tradition of establishing a life insurance policy as they start a family, take on a mortgage or build their own business. Over a period of responsible financial discipline, the children become independent, and debt is paid off. The need for insurance cover diminished.

Some policyholders realize that their life policy is a financial asset and would seek to cash in its value. Unfortunately, there is a low level of understanding of the options available to cash in life insurance policies. This resulted in over 90% of life policies being terminated in the US without paying a death benefit in 2018.

To provide a better outcome, the life settlements market was formed to match policyholders wishing to sell their unwanted cover to investors looking for a non-correlated asset class with the potential for stable returns. A life settlement market will give policyholders additional options in obtaining a higher value of their policies.

This virtual manager visit, in the form of a video, covers the following topics:

– What are Life Settlements?
– What is the use of the Life Settlement market?
– How do investment managers running Life Settlement strategies actually make money and/or extract Alpha?
– Which type of expertise is needed to successfully run such an investment strategy?
– How does Laureola manage longevity risk?
– The benefits of being a boutique advisor
– Benefits of the Life Settlement strategy for investors
– Outlook and barriers to entry

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Life Settlements: How Laureola Advisors got 98 out of 100 months positive

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