Veterinary Equipment and Disposables Market Size Analysis By Industry Size, Share, Revenue Growth, Development and Demand Forecast 2022-2031

The veterinary equipment and disposables market is being driven by the factors, such as an increase in animal adoption, growing diseases in animals and the rising concern for the same, and increasing veterinary professionals along with the vet hospitals.

– Additionally, the recent growth in R&D expenditure, technological advancements, and product innovation, along with the rise in per capita animal health expenditure, are expected to propel the market growth.
– According to the Animal Health Institute (AHI), each year, 10%–12% of the total sales of the AHI member companies have invested in new innovations in the field of animal healthcare. As a result of that, scientists have developed a huge number of medical devices and medicines, further resulting in a notable improvement in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a variety of animal health issues.
– Similarly, the annual report of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), 2017, stated that more than EUR 400 million has been invested in R&D by the animal healthcare industries. The data published by APPA stated that the total pet healthcare expenditure was USD 72.56 billion in 2018, while the expenditure in 2017 was USD 69.51 billion.
– Owing to the above-mentioned factors, the market for veterinary equipment and disposables is expected to register growth over the forecast period.

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Key Market Trends

Patient Monitoring is Expected to Witness Rapid Growth

Newer technologies and advancements, like wearables and other similar connected technologies, can be helpful for the health of pets across the board, from young to old. Wearable technologies extend the veterinarians’ reach beyond the walls of their practice by allowing them to see the impact of their treatment recommendations 24/7. Wearables for patient monitoring adopted for pets include radio frequency identification, GPS, and sensors.

As the surgery rates among animals have been increasing, animal physical health monitoring has also increased, in order to monitor the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and capillary refill time, etc.

Hence, owing to the increase in technological advancements in patient monitoring and increasing general awareness among pet owners, it is expected that the market for veterinary physical health monitoring may augment in the future years across the world.

North America Dominates the Market

North America is expected to dominate the veterinary equipment and disposables market over the forecast period, owing to the factors, such as rising pet adoption and increasing per capita animal healthcare expenditure. In addition, the rise in the prevalence of various animal diseases has been identified as the major driving factor for the market growth. Approximately, 90 million dogs have been owned in the United States, as reported by American Pet Products Association (APPA). It has also been stated that 34% of dogs are purchased from breeders, while 23% of dogs and 31% of cats are obtained from an animal shelter or humane society. In addition, the increasing awareness about animal health, favorable, and advanced healthcare IT infrastructure, helpful initiatives by the government, rise in product innovation, software integration, sophisticated technology, and a high percentage of tech-savvy owners are some other significant factors driving the growth of the US veterinary equipment and disposables market.

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