Venture Capital Group Teams Up With Non-Profit Organization To Purchase LA’s Wildlife Waystation


Study of Chimpanzees

Renowned British Primatologist Jane Goodall

SPARTN of Tennessee and Sectre Holdings, LLC have teamed up to purchase and re-launch a nearly 50 year old legacy animal sanctuary based in Los Angeles

Our focus is the welfare of the chimpanzees the
legacy of this sanctuary that has saved lives for decades. We focused
on setting a new standard for animal care and welfare that impacts the planet”

— Michael Robinson Director of SPARTN Charity

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 3, 2021 / — Tennessee-based non-profit wildlife rescue organization, SPARTN (Small Primate Animal Rescue of Tennessee) and Los Angeles-based Sectre Holdings, LLC have teamed up to purchase and re-launch a nearly 50 year old legacy animal sanctuary based in Los Angeles. Sectre Holdings, LLC is a Los Angeles based start-up with strong interests in philanthropic efforts and impact-investing through its humanitarian organization, Sectre Outreach.  SPARTN (@themonkeyhope on Instagram) is a recently formed sanctuary member of the Wildlife Waystation Animal Sanctuary Network and who just recently rescued its first three monkeys from black market sales.

The Wildlife Waystation was officially established in 1976 by founder Martine Collette as a non-profit facility to provide wild animal rescue services, medical care, rehabilitation and, where appropriate, release, and to provide permanently injured animals with long term care or placement at accredited facilities. Since that time, the Waystation has provided that assistance to over 76,000 wild animals including native California and exotic species including becoming the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the Western United States.

Unfortunately, due to mismanagement and financial issues, The Waystation
closed its doors a few years back and all animal residents were relocated to other sanctuaries, with only the 26 remaining permanent-resident Chimpanzees still occupying it today. After the Wildlife Waystation could no longer maintain standards of care for its animals, the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife took over and relocated as many animals as possible to various facilities equipped to care for them. Unfortunately, at the time there were not many facilities capable of taking on 40 plus chimpanzees. Relocating the chimps would mean splitting up a community that had been together for over 25 years. While it is controlled by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife at present, the team’s goal is to purchase the Waystation and, utilizing an advisory board of executives, bring the Waystation back to life and recreate it as The NEW Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary Network and Wildlife Waystation Learning/Research Center, aiming to be the world leader in learning, training and research programs focused on animal and environmental preservation.

The group believes people are the stewards of our planet and have a responsibility to care for and protect all wildlife species, and to work to ensure the long term survival of this small planet we all share with our wildlife brethren. A central goal of the group is to preserve wildlife and cease its abuse and mistreatment. Now with the facility doors closed, the fate of the chimpanzees is uncertain, with the state in the process of relocating and splitting up the colony.
Michael Robinson Director of SPARTN Charity States “Our focus is the welfare of the chimpanzees and the legacy of this sanctuary that has saved lives for decades. We are focused on setting a new standard for animal care and welfare that impacts the planet.”

The SPARTN/Sectre Holdings team have been working diligently for nearly a year to develop and execute a relief plan for the chimps and to launch its animal sanctuary network efforts.  The team recently entered a signed LOI with Waystation founder and property owner Martine Collette and has submitted an offer for the purchase of the entire 160-acre property. The group is funded privately for the purchase along with all development/expansion start-up and operating costs required to effectively re-establish the NEW Wildlife Waystation as one of the world’s finest learning, training and research destinations focused specifically on animal and environmental preservation around the globe.

Plans include establishing Executive Board Members, Officers and Advisors as well as “Friends of” supporters to work together to strategically transform the property to be fully supported by a network of vertically integrated and sustainable business models generating multiple revenue streams and funding support in both the Non-Profit and For-Profit sectors.

Due to the specialty of Chimps, a facility is required with a specialized focus on the individual physical, mental and sociological needs of chimpanzees who have been lab-tested in biomedical research and also who come from private captivity. With a New management team and partnerships in place with a collective of the premier experts in the veterinary, medical and endangered species specialties, growing rapidly, the revamped organization will set new bar standards and guidelines for the global wildlife space. According to renowned British Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall Humans pose the greatest threat to chimpanzees.

First focus and efforts will be put towards implementing new methods of creating a sustainable business model for the creation of our self-designed “Chimp Village” to serve as a much needed remedy for the current remaining chimpanzees at the Waystation facility. Chimp Village will be a sustainable revenue generating business designed to scale and grow with the expansion of the Wildlife Waystation to once again be home to hundreds of other animal species in need.

Aside from the Waystation property in Los Angeles, the group is currently engaged in 6 additional property purchase deals in-state, out-of-state and international, ranging from California to Nashville to Brazil to Africa, all via its sanctuary network partnerships. Regardless if the Los Angeles Waystation property sale is successful for the group, they will continue to support the carrying-on of the Waystation legacy at all its partner locations around the world to serve as a global safe-haven sanctuary refuge for wildlife.  At the same time, the team is still as dedicated as ever to continuing constant efforts to halt all ongoing plans to transport the remaining chimpanzees still living at the Wildlife Waystation to far-away sanctuaries in other states. The group is indelibly committed to its reinstatement efforts to initiate the new “Chimp Village at Wildlife Waystation” so the remaining chimps can stay there and never have to go through the trauma of separation and transport.

Together, Sectre Holdings and SPARTN are made up of an internal network of partnerships with highly successful companies/individuals with robust
track records in various market/industry spaces and capacities over the past 20 years including animal rescue/rehabilitation, government contract procurement, finance/banking, and social media/influencer marketing and sales to name a few. Together, the team brings vast resources and strategic industry alliances that are ready to be utilized to successfully develop and execute the re-starting and growth/expansion plans for the remaining chimps at the Wildlife Waystation property.

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