Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC:PSRU) Introduces the “Fathers of the Sport” NFT Gallery

Valiant Eagle, Inc (OTCMKTS:PSRU)

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 7, 2021 / — Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC:PSRU) is proud to introduce the “Fathers of the Sport” (hereafter “FOTS”) NFT gallery, which will be available through its NFT platform, Fungy. The FOTS NFT gallery will highlight key early trailblazers in sport of basketball that helped create the foundation for the NBA and the sport we know and love today.

The company will limit the number of original NFTs in the gallery to 300. Management says it then hopes to leverage its recently-announced state-of-the-art Fungy NFT platform to sell the FOTS NFTs. Given the exclusivity of this planned NFT gallery and the early success seen by NBA Top Shot, management is confident the FOTS NFTs could generate significant cash for the company once they are sold.

These early legends, both on the NBA court and famous playgrounds around the United States, have created a foundation that has inspired some of the most world-renowned players in recent history.

One of our features FOTS is Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Dr. J built a career off his eye-popping dunks and iconic gameplay. Before he become the man we know today, Dr. J started out dunking at the iconic Rucker Park in Harlem, New York.

Dr. J’s legacy and charisma inspired Michael Jordan. Jordan then passed it on to Kobe Bryant. Bryant then inspired Lebron James. James is currently inspiring the next generation of basketball greats. This is exactly why we must pay tribute and honor the “Fathers of the Sports.” Without them, the NBA and its all-stars would not be where they are today.

Xavier Mitchell, CEO of Valiant Eagle Inc. states,”The Fathers of the Sports documentary was a financial success when released. Now, we can leverage it to add shareholder value by producing these NFTs that are heavily demanded.”

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