US Economic Security Council Releases US-China Report: A Superpower at Risk

Special Report on US-China Rivalry and How America can Increase its Economic, Financial, and National Security.

American economic and financial security is national security.”

— Carlton Delfeld

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, the Economic Security Council is releasing a special report and scaling up to confront and compete with China and coordinate with allies in order to maintain superpower America’s role.

The Economic Security Council is an advocacy group promoting policies that advance American economic, financial and national security. According to council chairman, Carlton Delfeld “American economic and financial security is national security”.

The council is today releasing a 140-page special report, “A Superpower at Risk”.

Becoming a true superpower is a tall order. It requires more than just having the strongest economy and military in the world. It requires social and political stability at home, being a science and technology superpower, a financial superpower, and a cyber, intelligence, and space superpower, all rolled into one.

Staying a superpower requires financial security at home, ambition all around, and a sharp eye on emerging rivals. Hubris and complacency are what topples a superpower. And nothing concentrates the mind like a peer rival with a full head of steam like China.

In short, we believe that America is a superpower at risk and the Economic Security Council advocates action to advance our role and brand as the leading economic, financial, technological, and military power in the world.

The Asia Pacific and Eurasia, is where the world’s center of economic and innovation is shifting, where our strongest partners and competitors are based, and where our destiny as the world’s leading power will be either confirmed or upended.

Lead priorities are promoting private investment led growth, restoring financial discipline with a spending freeze, and expanding capitalism and stock ownership to improve the financial security and economic mobility of Americans.

Another council priority is improving supply chains for rare earths and rare metals, a global market worth about $4 billion that is essential to more than $4 trillion of industrial and technology products.

For more information, to make a donation, or to request A Superpower at Risk, please visit our website at the below link.

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Economic Security Council
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