UK Digital Marketing Agency Introduces the Power of Quiz Funnel Marketing and Wins Four Awards

LMNts Marketing, a UK based boutique sales funnel marketing agency implements quiz funnels in their strategy and wins four awards in 2020.

FRODSHAM, CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, February 16, 2021 / — UK based digital marketing agency, LMNts Marketing has become one of the go-to quiz funnel specialists in the world during 2020. With the global pandemic and lockdown, they decided to invest in research and development and create a winning competitive advantage for the business. They extensively studied quiz funnels, based on Ryan Levesque’s best selling book: Ask.

“Today, you have to be innovative and find more cost effective ways of delivering results for clients. We found what works in every industry” – confirms Laura Farkas, CMO of LMNts Marketing.

Not Many Agencies Can Explain What Is a Marketing Funnel
While an increasing number of clients are aware of the benefits of funnel marketing, they don’t really have a clear idea of how to implement it and what to measure. When it comes to funnels, most people think about ClickFunnels, which is the leading platform for automation. What most businesses don’t know, however, is that the software and infrastructure is less important than the strategy. That’s why LMNts Marketing released an extensive guide to marketing funnels.

The Stages of Marketing Funnel
LMNts uses the AIDA model of sales funnel development, like many competitors. However, their focus is more on the engagement and relationship building instead of immediate sales. LMNts confirmed:

“Nobody wants to be sold on the internet, but everyone loves making a decision to buy. A quiz funnel is a great way of making your prospect qualify themselves and sell the product or service better than you could. With a quiz funnel, you don’t have to rely on salesmen’s tricks.”

How To Use Quizzes In a Digital Marketing Funnel
LMNts usually implements quizzes in the final two stages of the marketing funnel: realising the demand and taking action. However, it is not uncommon that quizzes are utilised as lead magnets.
A quiz funnel can help your prospect choose which product or service to order, or simply build the trust and relationship that is needed to generate conversions.

Improving SEO, Conversions, and Value Per Customer
LMNts Marketing has a holistic approach to digital marketing, which means that every aspect should work in sync with each other. That’s why they chose their logo to include a missing jigsaw piece.

By improving engagement on the landing and sales pages, customers are more likely to spend longer time on the site, share the content, and return. This will improve not only the return on marketing investment, but also the SEO score of the site. With each visitor spending longer time on the page, the bounce rate will be lower, so we will get more organic traffic. Once you build up to the momentum, it is an unstoppable trend for most websites.

Which Industries Can Benefit from a Quiz Funnel?
LMNts works with eCommerce companies that can immediately improve conversions and sales by implementing a quiz funnel. Business to business professionals, such as coaches and consultants can point website visitors to the right service based on their answers and budget. A quiz funnel is a great way of making online buying fun and painless for customers.

LMNts Marketing Sales Funnel Related Awards
In last year alone, LMNts Marketing won four separate awards for their sales funnel development: Best B2B Companies in the United Kingdom (Clutch), Best Digital Marketing Agency in Cheshire for 2020 and Most Innovative Sales Funnel Strategist 2020 (SME Awards) as well as a Customer Service Excellence Award. As a small boutique agency, they only work with a selected pool of customers to deliver the best ideas that massively improve their return on marketing investment.

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