Tuesday is Information Overload Day. Hear From Experts from IBM, Intel, and Major Research Firms About What to Do.

12th Annual Information Overload Day Examines a $998 Billion Problem.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Information Overload Day, a workplace observance that calls attention to the problem of Information Overload and how it impacts both individuals and organizations, is Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

The Information Overload Research Group, or IORG, which is the steward of Information Overload Day, will hold an online event presenting the latest research and solutions in the area, including speakers from IBM and major research firms.

The event focuses on the Evolution of Information Overload.

For information about and to register for the event, visit the Information Overload Day website.

Information Overload describes an excess of information that results in the loss of ability to process information, prioritize tasks, and make decisions. The problem costs the U.S. economy a minimum of $988 billion per year in lowered productivity and throttled innovation according to researcher Jonathan Spira, who serves as IORG’s vice president of research.

“Companies need to focus on what can be done to lessen Information Overload’s impact right now,” said Spira, who created Information Overload Day in 2009.

Mark the day by attending the free online event on October 19. The event features a variety of speakers focusing on the theme of “Information Overload in the Post-Covid Workplace,” including Edna Pasher, Founding Chair, Israel Smart Cities Institute; Ingrid Pope, Founder, Creating Space; Emanuele (Lele) Terenzani, IBM; and Nathan Zeldes, Intel’s former Information Overload Czar.
To see the complete agenda and register, visit IORG’s Information Overload Day website.

Companies are invited to support Information Overload Day and the Information Overload Research Group, a non-profit, and demonstrate their commitment to addressing the problem by contacting president@iorgforum.org.


The Information Overload Research Group was formed in June 2008. It is comprised of industry practitioners, software vendors, researchers, and consultants with the purpose of reducing Information Overload. IORG is dedicated to establishing best practices and finding solutions that a problem that costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

IORG founding board members Jonathan Spira (Basex) and Nathan Zeldes (former Information Overload Czar at Intel) are available for interviews.

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