Tripment Health Offers Affordable Diagnostic Imaging Services on its Online Healthcare Marketplace with Upfront Pricing

Nationwide digital healthcare marketplace for uninsured and underinsured patients to access care at transparent prices

Nationwide digital healthcare marketplace for uninsured and underinsured patients to access care at transparent prices.

Diagnostic imaging services on are now available to be booked and paid for less than what traditional health insurance charges

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, September 15, 2021 / — Today, Tripment Health announced Akumin, a comprehensive provider of outpatient radiology services across the US, has joined its provider network in Florida. With over 70 freestanding outpatient imaging locations across Florida, Akumin serves a diverse patient population, including those who are uninsured and/or are paying for some or all of their health care out-of-pocket.

With this addition, Tripment Health further expands its nationwide footprint, now offering diagnostic imaging services at over 935 locations nationwide. Services including CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, and more can be easily booked through Tripment Health at discounted and upfront prices.

Tripment Health was founded in New York in the middle of 2020 but officially launched its online healthcare marketplace platform in April 2021. Their goal was to help the growing demographic of self-pay or high-deductible insurance patients find more affordable healthcare options. In its competitively priced marketplace, Tripment Health offers patients a comprehensive gateway to primary care and mental health providers, along with a full range of ancillary services with available financing. By providing upfront, transparent, and competitive pricing, Tripment Health empowers patients to take control of their healthcare while eliminating surprise bills and hidden costs.

“I was motivated to offer price transparency on our platform after my insurance received an unexpectedly high hospital bill last year when I had an MRI,” said CEO and Founder Alex Radunsky. “The facility charge was $18,500, of which I still owed $5,500 after insurance. If you were to book the same service today using Tripment Health, you would pay less than $700. A situation like this could force families to choose between paying their medical bills, putting food on the table, or paying rent. I want to make sure that no American is put into this situation again. We make obtaining medical care easy and as affordable as possible in our broken healthcare system.”

The Tripment Health platform is free for patients to use, paying only for the services they book. Prices for CT scans start at $200, and MRIs begin at $225. Referrals for these services are also available on the website at the discretion of a healthcare provider. Patients can pay either by credit card, HSA, FSA, or opt for a zero-interest financing option.

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