Trailblazing biotechnology in Hallbergmoos: Metabolon will now be researching from Munich Airport Business Park

The Skygate at the MABP is now home to Metabolon, another top-class player in the biotech industry (c) MABP, photo Claus Uhlendorf

The Skygate at the MABP is now home to Metabolon, another top-class player in the biotech industry (c) MABP, photo Claus Uhlendorf

In addition to Pieris Pharmaceuticals, the Munich Airport Business Park has attracted Metabolon, another representative of the biotech industry, to Hallbergmoos

HALLBERGMOOS, GERMANY, September 30, 2021 / — In connection with the Corona pandemic, rapid diagnostic results and timely insights into disease progression and physiological reactions are becoming increasingly crucial factors. The US company Metabolon, the world market leader in the field of precision diagnostics, has now opened its international headquarters at the Skygate, in the immediate vicinity of Munich Airport. This is the second major biotech company to move into the Munich Airport Business Park (MABP) in Hallbergmoos within a short space of time. From this location, the employees are managing and advancing medical research.

Founded in 2000, the Metabolon is headquartered at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA. Thanks to the world’s most diverse and rich patient data sets, the company is able to provide biologically relevant insights instrumental in addressing some of the most complex and pressing questions in the field of life sciences. According to Michael Rasche, Managing Director for International Business at Metabolon, the company is endeavoring to increase its presence in international business arena. “Hallbergmoos near Munich is the ideal location as a hub for a life science company. The proximity to the airport provides us with better access to our customers’ medical samples. In addition, this also facilitates the exchange with international customers that we maintain.” Nevertheless, the international team, which is growing steadily, had been working out of their home offices for the past year due to corona – like quite a few other companies – before the 20 some employees finally moved into the 600-square-meter office and laboratory area at the Skygate center. As Rasche commented: “The office facility is so generously dimensioned that we can maintain the absolutely necessary hygiene measures despite our close cooperation.”

Holding the key to the future

Because the company’s metabolomics provides a key to a better understanding of health and disease, the good relationship with the new neighbors at Skygate is of mutual interest. Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH, another major player in the biotech industry, started researching immuno-oncology and respiratory diseases this year. “What’s more, both companies have laboratories here, which opens up the option of sharing resources,” says Rasche. After Alexander Mademann from the Hallbergmoos Economic Development Agency and Pieris Senior Vice President Dr. Hitto Kaufmann had already welcomed the emerging concentration of biotech and pharmaceutical companies at the Hallbergmoos site, the conclusion of the Managing Director of Metabolon GmbH fits into the overall picture: “With two such important companies at the site and the infrastructural and spatial advantages, the attraction of the MABP is set to increase further. We look forward to Hallbergmoos developing into a veritable life science center.”

And Alexander Mademann from Hallbergmoos Economic Development confirms the developments: “We are currently receiving many rental enquiries from interested parties from the life science sector. Hallbergmoos and the Munich Airport Business Park will remain a desirable destination in the future.”

About the Munich Airport Business Park
Since the opening of Munich Airport in 1992, the Munich Airport Business Park (MABP) has embodied the most outstanding visions of all project partners involved as a strong business location. The business park is backed by the Hallbergmoos municipality’s economic development department, Flughafen München GmbH and numerous investors who have joined forces to form a location initiative. The MABP has created a vibrant office park right next to Munich Airport, one of Germany’s most important commercial airports. Whether it’s automotive, biotech, information and communications technology, media, pharmaceuticals or aviation: a total of 260 companies from a wide range of industries and of various sizes have settled in the 186,700 square meters of office space. The mix of industries not only enables companies to integrate quickly, but also to successfully exploit synergies. Thanks to its diversity, the MABP also fits in with the Hallbergmoos business location. With some 1,600 companies located here, the business park one of the most decidedly diverse in the Munich metropolitan region. More information:

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