Tony J. Selimi’s New, thought-provoking and Inspiring Book, The Unfakeable Code® Wins Literary Titan Book Silver Award

Tony Jeton Selimi, Author of The Unfakeable Code®, the Literary Titan Award Winner 2021

THE UNFAKEABLE CODE® Take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms By Tony Jeton Selimi Multi-Award-Winning #1 International Bestselling Author and Consultant

Tony J. Selimi Wins The Author of THE UNFAKEABLE CODE® Take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms

“This is an inspiring, enjoyable, fast-moving book that shows you how to unlock your full power for unlimited success.” Brian Tracy, Author

It takes a lot of courage to show your true self to someone else.”

— Tony J. Selimi

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 7, 2021 / — The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed them with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of Tony Jeton Selimi, a talented author, speaker, business consultant and transformational life coach on a heart-driven mission to educate, inspire and transform lives of one billion people.

Methodically researched and written by Tony Jeton Selimi, The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms’ help you learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful and more authentic, mindful and successful way of living
It explores the destructive business, leadership, financial, relationship, psychological, and spiritual impact of living an inauthentic life – a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in a world that is more interconnected and informative than ever before. Empowering readers to come back into authentic living, leading, and loving, where old wounds can be healed and masks can be unveiled. A must-read book makes a compelling and scientific case for being more authentic at home, socially, and at work. It assists in harmonizing body-mind-heart intelligence to deal with any form of anxiety, conflict, stress and willfully create an inspired destiny. It’s also been a hit among critics, too, with one recently writing, “The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma, and belief, giving readers a new way to reconnect with their true authentic self and Divine within.”

“The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma and belief, giving readers a new code to reconnect with their true, authentic individual and the Divine within that knows how to take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms.” Dr John Demartini, World Renown Human Behavior Expert, Philosopher and Founder of the Demartini Institute

Grace Masso gave the following five-star literary review for Readers’ Favorite: “The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms by Tony Jeton Selimi instructs, motivates, inspires, and provides the tools readers need to transform their lives — and the word “transform” should be read in its strictest sense. In a world where people easily get used to “wearing masks,” it is as easy to lose the sense of self, get disillusioned about who one really is, and be stuck in a life that doesn’t befit one’s deepest desires and dreams. The author writes about the strength of being authentic and explores the different ways in which the masks we wear trump our desire for growth and success. He proposes an actionable guide to usher readers on the path toward personal growth, freedom, and success.”

About Tony Jeton Selimi

Born in 1969 in Gostivar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Tony J. Selimi moved to London at the age of twenty. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he went from living homeless and disadvantaged to an internationally recognized TEDx speaker transformational life coach, business consultant, and cognition expert specializing in human behaviour and leadership excellence. He co-created the ‘Living My Illusion – The Truth Hurts’ documentary, wrote several award-winning and bestselling books, and pioneered several trademarked methodologies in human development to help other people reach their aspirations and dreams.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, global leaders, Hollywood A-list celebrities, and people from all professions consult with him to get unstuck, clarify what they want, create an inspired vision, boost their confidence, increase their energy, heal their body-mind, and create a step by step plan that helps them unleash their magnificence, excel in all critical areas of life, and live fulfilled, authentically freely on their terms. Organizations seek Tony’s expertise to dissolve behavioural issues and boost productivity, performance, and profits and improve strategy, morale, and overall employee well-being.

He is the winner of London SME’s Most Visionary Entrepreneur of 2020 and has been featured on SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX reaching over 100 million people. To learn more about Tony J. Selimi, check out the author’s official website:, where you can connect with the author directly or through their social media pages. Author Video:

Guidebook (Motivation, Leadership, and Business, Psychology, Self-Help and Counselling, Mind, Body Spirit)

224 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-99107-385-7
30.99 USD
Publication date: April 2021

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Learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful and more successful way of living by Reading The Unfakeable Code® By Tony Jeton Selimi

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