Titaniusbots announces partnership with Fyncom Allowing Marketers to Leverage Pay-for-Attention via its Chatbot

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The partnership enables marketers using chatbots to directly reward users for their attention to establish better visibility into their marketing ROI.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With their custom-designed chatbots, Titaniusbots aims to deliver personable and interactive experiences. The goal is to support businesses in automating their consumer-facing communications and help generate, nurture, qualify, and convert leads. “Titaniusbots help you have more conversations that you want to have, such as regarding sales, and less conversations that you don’t want to have, like FAQs and digging through your documentation. We streamline and connect automation between multiple platforms, and the results for businesses are incredible,” says the founder of Titaniusbots, Walter Chu.

However, marketers and advertisers still struggle to trace revenue back to marketing spending across multi-channel advertising strategies. This has been a persistent challenge for marketers looking to gauge the performance of specific channels and accurately measure their ROI.

This is the final piece of the marketing puzzle that Titaniusbots aims to help its users solve by offering Fyncom as a feature in its chatbots.

According to Adrian Garcia, the CEO of Fyncom, “Businesses spend up to 20% – 25% of their lifetime margins in the hopes of maintaining a good CAC. That’s despite the difficulties involved with measuring the actual ROI and what they get for their marketing dollars.” Fyncom aims to help marketers improve their ROI by rewarding consumers for engagement rather than just clicks. As Adrian puts it, “Google invented pay-per-click, we invented pay-per-attention.”

Typical pay-per-click marketing works by advertisers paying various digital or traditional marketing channels to promote their content. Advertisers then sit back and wait for consumers to reach out to them. By being somewhat distanced from their marketing content, it’s challenging for advertisers to determine their true ROI and the effectiveness of individual channels.

In contrast, Fyncom provides advertisers with a way to directly compensate consumers for their attention, bypassing the middlemen of traditional marketing. Using the Fyncom platform, advertisers message consumers directly, offering rewards (loyalty points, discounts, cash payouts). For example, an advertiser may send a message like, “You will receive a call within 10 minutes. Answer to be rewarded with $10.”

Fyncom leverages the decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency Nano to reward consumers for their attention instantly. Fyncom itself only takes a small commission once a consumer is compensated.

Together, Titaniusbots and Fyncom hope to help marketers solve a range of modern-day challenges across their marketing and communication pipelines. From nurturing leads from the moment of inception to rewarding them for actual engagement to converting them into customers and, finally, taking control of their ROI to better utilize funds and resources in the future.

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