“Three Tips For Helping Children Develop Coping Skills” Shared by Arizona Children’s Author

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Cover: There is Good All Around by Tamera Norwood

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Author Tamera Norwood (Arizona)

In recognition of World Mental Health Day 2021, author Tamera Norwood shares these thoughts about mindfulness and growing resiliency in our children.

A coping skill that can’t be shared too early with children is teaching them to stay in the present moment. The mental health of our littlest loved ones is more important than grades or trophies.”

— Tamera Norwood

TOLLESON, AZ, USA, October 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “A coping skill that can’t be shared too early with children is teaching them to stay in the present moment. The mental health of our littlest loved ones is more important than grades or trophies,” says Tamera Norwood, the author of the newly-released book for children, “There’s Good All Around.” Her book, filled with inviting images and gentle verses, uses language children can understand to inspire mindfulness, hope, and resiliency. Published by The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group, the paperback is available at all booksellers, using the ISBN of 978-1947408333.

Our publisher, Sean Buvala, sat down with Tamera for a brief interview in honor of World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2021.

Sean Buvala: In the current stresses of the world, why is it important to help our children be present and aware of positive images and experiences?

Tamera Norwood: Positive imagery gives children a real security blanket. With mindful moments we are giving our little ones a tool to sort out that a bad day is not equal to being a bad kid or having a bad life.

Teaching a child to sort out what has happened from what is happening, or what might happen, gives them a sense of control about their world. By practicing a mindful moment, which means noticing what is actually happening without projecting a future bad grade or ruminating over a past worry, our kids will see that everything really is okay.

SB: Are there ways for parents and other caregivers to help a child be mindful and less stressed?

TN: First, be a good role model. Talk about how a mindful practice gave you a better outlook or outcome each day. Let children see the changes mindfulness makes in your life.

Another great way to lead children into mindfulness is by doing it together, such as a bedtime ritual. Adults caring for children should look for and create bonding opportunities and memory-making activities to teach valuable life skills.

I think the most important way we can help our kids is by focusing on “feeling well,” rather than “doing well.” We can build confidence in our children by giving them permission to calm their anxieties first. Rather than saying “just do your best,” let’s change that message to say “use your mindfulness skills to get comfortable, and then the rest will fall into place.”

SB: I think for most families I have known with children, even simple things like regularly having a shared mealtime, with electronic devices all turned off, are good to encourage moments of mindfulness.

TN: It’s good to remind your child about all the things you appreciate about them, too.

“There’s Good All Around,” Tamera’s new book, was illustrated by Graziella Miligi of Italy. It’s available in both paperback and hardback editions. Both Tamera Norwood and The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group are based in Arizona. For more information, please visit https://smalltoothdog.com/good

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