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If you’re in the management consultancy space, you need to take note. Frontier Consulting are on the scene and they are taking no prisoners!

I know that as a CEO the last thing I want to do is attempt to gleam insights from a 200 page stuffy document.”

— Adam Grey – Managing Partner

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — The reign of the big four is over. Mckinsey, BCG, Deloitte, and Bane had better watch out because Frontier Consulting is giving traditional consulting a major facelift.

Long gone are the days of traditional consulting where Bane, BCG, Deloitte, and Mckinsey tell corporations what they want to hear after limited research and an invoice of 6+ figures. Frontier Consulting, a multinational boutique consulting firm with an almost global presence believes that the research methodologies and bulky deliverables which have traditionally been accepted by corporate America are antiquated and uninformative. Managing Partner, Adam Grey, said simply: “people learn differently, and delivering information in a format that our clients can first and foremost understand and then internalize is paramount to their ability to operationalize any kind of actionable recommendation or strategic plan. What use are we to them if they can’t understand what we’ve uncovered? I know that as a CEO the last thing I want to do is attempt to gleam insights from a 200 page stuffy document.”

Frontier has redesigned research to incorporate thoughtful, bespoke methodologies that will deliver insightful analysis. “All too often consulting teams cold call strangers looking for a sound bite to validate a predetermined hypothesis,” remarks Taylor Brown, the other Managing Partner of the firm. “Hypotheses should be determined throughout the scope of work, and in order to do so, actual research is required. So many consulting teams hide behind Powerpoint templates and big delivery board meetings that are reused to, frankly, hide the glaring gaps in their research.”

Novel. The idea that in order to give thoughtful recommendations, a consulting team has to do actual research? I think we all know that consulting firms cut corners when it comes to project scope. Management consultants are generalists – the type of folks that can speak for 90 seconds on any subject matter, but run out of steam after the fact. “Many clients call upon the big four to validate their corporate strategy to get the go-ahead to move forward, instead of actually considering what they might be able to do to create lasting, impactful change at their organization,” according to Brown. “We just so happen to believe that organizations can make dramatic and imperative changes with the right information and guidance, which is why we’ve designed our business the way that we have.”

How exactly has Frontier Consulting designed their management consulting business, you may be wondering?

Frontier creates bespoke deliverables to suit the needs of each client. As an example, for a medical device manufacturer to pressure test new product concepts in the market, they created a mini-documentary by following around health care providers and interviewing patients and staff to determine how competitive products were used, and what gaps remained in the current offering. For another project, they conducted on-the-ground research to determine feasibility of moving manufacturing operations from China to Mexico whilst maintaining consistent supply to the United States. How many BCG teams do you know who would travel to six Mexican states in five days and tour 11 manufacturing facilities just to determine compatibility? For another project, they delivered a 100+ page “Operations and Governance Manual” for the IT team of public organization comprised of 7,000+ staff. They’ve created live-action and animated videos, podcast style recordings, infographic reports, spreadsheets, and facilitated workshops and design sprints. These guys are open to anything, but compromise on nothing.

You name it, they’re game. Frontier is about uncovering the data that can drive your important business decisions. They’re staking the future of consulting on becoming data-driven by supplying important research and analysis to their clients in a multitude of forms. “Information is only useful if it’s understood,” says Grey. “We intend to make sure our clients get the answers to their questions. It’s as simple as that.”

If it is that simple, they seem to be the only ones doing it. They’ve designed a modern approach to business consulting that is surely here to stay, and makes traditional competition look nothing more than a bunch of old men retelling the same old stories.

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