TheSports Empowers AiScore to Be One of the Best Sports APPs by Its Comprehensive Data Feed

TheSports API

TheSports API

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Being a leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data, TheSport provides cutting-edge solutions and services for AiScore.

SINGAPORE, October 12, 2021 / — In 2019, a new sports application called AiScore came to our sight. In the very beginning, it was popular among South-east Asian, Middle East and African sports fans. Soon it became to dominate other markets like Brazil, Egypt, Italy, etc. According to the stats from APP Annie, AiScore has ranked #1 in free sports apps in 80 countries. Also, it has kept a 4.5+ rate at Google Play from thousands of raters. What makes AiScore so successful?

Data is an essential element of sport coverage and a key factor in shaping the modern-day fan experience. Even though there are many sports data providers available for sports media or application developers to buy data from, AiScore has chosen TheSports as their only data provider. It is not surprising for most developers that TheSports is the best option. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, there are many big names like Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu ( the biggest search engine in China), HuaWei and AllFootball importing sports data from TheSports.

Being a leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content for its clients, TheSports offers an exclusive data solutions for each client.

TheSports shares common functions like live scores, schedules, incidents, player & team information, basic statistics, in-play odds with other apis. Besides, TheSports can also provide its clients with more in-depth stats like ball possession rate and win possibility by a AI-powered system. TheSports’ data coverage includes over 15 sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, AM football, esports, water polo, badminton, handball, snooker. TheSports covers over 380,000 games annually. The users of AiScore said that they can find over 1800 football leagues and 1300 basketball leagues on AiScore.

In addition to the great coverage, TheSports’ apis also enable AiScore’s users to have access to a more accurate sports data with lower latency. TheSports has worked with over 70 data sources to guarantee the reliability of the data delivered.

With fans consuming sports in more ways than ever, capturing their attention has become an increasing challenge. To enhance the experience of sports fans, TheSports has made a unique function for its clients – 2D & 3D live match tracker. By integrating the live match tracker widget into your websites or applications, your users will be able to enjoy watching the games just like at the venue.

Undoubtedly, TheSports gives all that AiScore need for its development and also empowers it to be a unique application by filling in more information and functions.

With working with sports media, developers, telecom, AI projects, TheSports has shown its commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of their clients business needs. So the best sports api is always going to be the one that fits your needs.

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