The Wedding that NEVER Happened: Sam and Monica’s COVID-19 Plight

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Sam and Monica’s Engagement Photoshoot

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Popular social media couple, Sam Patterson and Monica Gartner, have had their wedding delayed by over a year due to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we postponed our wedding. It was a hard decision to make, but it’s what’s best for our situation.”

— Sam and Monica

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 31, 2021 / — Popular social media couple, Sam and Monica, have had their wedding delayed by over a year due to COVID-19. The two lovebirds were set to be married in June 2021, but are now looking at July 2022 as a new date for their big day. The pair recently made the shocking announcement on their YouTube channel, SamAndMonica, and Instagram account, @SamAndMonica, where they shared how devastated they both were that their dream day won’t happen for at least another year, due to COVID-19.

Sam Patterson and Monica Gartner have been dating since 2015, and started documenting their long distance relationship on their YouTube channel, TikTok accounts and Instagram accounts in 2018. Since then, they have amassed millions of adoring followers who were devastated to hear the sad news.

Sam Patterson, originally from Cheshire in England, is set to move over to the United States once the couple tie the knot in New York, USA. They decided to get married in the United States as Monica Gartner hails from Long Island, New York, and regularly discuss their plans to move down to the South East-coast of the USA once they get married and can finally live together.

On Sam and Monica’s combined YouTube account, SamAndMonica, they spoke out about the reasons why they have decided to postpone their much anticipated wedding… Firstly, Sam’s family & friends would have a hard time traveling over to the United States for their New York-based wedding due to travel restrictions and, more importantly, Sam’s pending K-1 Fiancé visa has been delayed due to delays with visa processing during COVID-19.

Sam joked about getting a little too excited for the wedding — he even sold his home in England in preparation! That won’t be too good when he has to travel back to the United Kingdom… When followers asked what he’ll do in the meantime, Sam cheerily responded that he’ll rent a temporary apartment and take the opportunity to travel more with Monica, as soon as restrictions lift and it’s safe.

The popular couple have made regular headlines in news outlets such as The Independent (, UniLad ( and Yahoo! Money (, and have even starred in the popular MTV show, Wrong Distance Relationship.

Follow Sam and Monica on their combined TikTok (, YouTube ( and Instagram ( channels to stay up-to-date with their ever-changing wedding plans. They also regularly post Instagram stories updating their followers to their personal Instagram accounts, too, at @iSamPatterson and @MonicaGartner.

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Sam and Monica Postponed Their Wedding

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