The Solution is Peace, Not Police

Press conference and march on the subject of anti-Semitism in New York City.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2021 / — Date: Tomorrow, Thursday, May 27, 2021
Tame: 3:30 PM
Place: In front of the Brooklyn War Memorial, in the Cadman Plaza Park, next to the Brooklyn Bridge

Tensions between Jews and neighboring communities have unfortunately been high over the last several days, after a number of people from both communities were attacked verbally and physically in the street. Some Jewish organizations have called upon Mayor DeBlasio to ramp up police presence in their neighborhoods. Tomorrow a group of Jewish Rabbis and community leaderswill be holding a press conference in which they will argue that there’s a better solution. Hundreds of NY Jews will attend the conference and a march over the Brooklyn Bridge which will follow.

“This is not classic anti-Semitism,” said Rabbi Hershel Klar, one of organizers. “These are attacks by Palestinians and other Arabs, people whose family or friends were harmed in the recent war, on the Jewish community, because they assume all Jews support the State of Israel and its actions. In fact, that is not the case: we in our communities are opposed to Israel and condemn its wars. The Jewish religion forbids fighting other nations; Jews are commanded to live peacefully alongside their neighbors in exile. Therefore, the State of Israel definitely does not represent us. We need to get that message out so that our neighbors in the Arab community know that we are their friends, not enemies. We invite the press to come tomorrow and hear more.”

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