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CNC services

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WayKen offers custom CNC machined parts-metal & plastic parts made to your exact designs by different types of CNC machines including milling and turning.

WayKen is striving to become one of the most top-notch CNC manufacturers in China meanwhile providing the best services and 100% quality metal and plastic parts for our global customer.”

— Founder Raymond

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, 中国, February 24, 2021 / — Globally, the demand for Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) machines and products is at an all-time high. According to research, the CNC machine tools market will get to $117.65 billion by 2027. The Asian region takes up a more significant market share due to the rising demand for CNC machines from India, China, and Japan.

Wayken is one of the players in this market at the forefront of innovation in their product development. As one of the most specialized manufacturers for high-end prototypes in China, Wayken offers customized and high-quality CNC machine options for both metal and plastic parts.

What Are CNC Parts?
With the advance in technology and the demand for automation in almost all industries and sectors, precise CNC machinery is necessary. The pre-programmed software in the CNC parts is very reliable and accurate. Whether the materials you are dealing with are metal, wood, or plastic, CNC machines are the best for fabrication and reduce your costs.

Which Industries Need CNC Parts?
Industries such as aviation, aerospace, and automobile are susceptible and require high levels of precision. Small errors can result in loss of lives and cash as well. Therefore, they rely on CNC machines to eliminate any discrepancies and errors in the operations.
• Healthcare
This industry needs specialized products for its patients for different health conditions and complications. These include orthotic devices and implants, which need to be accurate and error-free for them to work.
• Transport
Cars and automobiles are some of the top users of CNC parts. The companies in these sectors require durable parts for their car models. Critical components such as brakes, valves, rims, and engine parts are customized using this technology.
• Aerospace
This industry is one of the most critical when it comes to accuracy. Turbines, bushings, landing, and flight controls need to be without error at all times. The use of CNC machining is critical in keeping every component of the airplane running smoothly.
• Electronics
Laptops, smartphones, and home electric appliances are held together by these key CNC technologies. The CNC parts are prototyped for each device for seamless operations.

Types of CNC Parts
CNC Metal Parts
CNC parts that are metallic can be either made from zinc alloy, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or copper. The various grades of these metals can be designed into different specifications. Some of the critical machined metal parts created using CNC machining include fittings, suspension arms, ball joints, brackets, and rollers.
Wayken provides CNC machining, which involves turning, milling, drilling, and tapping various metal materials.

CNC Plastic Parts
Customized plastic CNC machining requires more specialized equipment and efficient programming. Wayken utilizes its advanced techniques to produce high-quality products. By developing a versatile range of inspection processes on all steps, the fabricated parts have superior accuracy.

Why Is There an Increase in Demand for CNC Parts?
In most industries, there is a growing need for machines with superior competencies. With limited floorspaces, companies are looking more into smaller devices that are efficient. CNC parts make up the prototype of most of these machines.
CNC machining has existed for several years now. However, the advance in computerized machinery to run operations has sparked increased commercial interest among companies.
The durability of CNC parts is unmatchable. With the strong material composition of these parts and machines have superior strength even under high temperatures. This hardiness reduces the costs needed to replace parts.

About Wayken Rapid Manufacturing
Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, WayKen’s services vary from providing CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Tooling to Sheet Metal Processing. Wayken offers CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, and tapping for various materials, such as metal machining or CNC plastic.
Their key technologies make them stand out in the market. They include Rapid Injection Molding, CNC Prototype Machining, CNC Aluminium Machining, Prototype finishing and painting, Urethane Vacuum Casting.

The company has maintained a competitive edge with innovative service and a highly skilled workforce. Their main goal is to continuously supply affordable, high-quality prototypes and custom low-volume products for production. With an ever-growing customer base, they work with independent inventors and designers, large-scale industrial, commercial, medical, automotive, and aerospace companies.

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