‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ Launches on Kickstarter

BELPER, UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Children’s author Kobina Mensah hopes to raise £4200 to bring ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ to life.

Ghanaian author Kobina Mensah evokes the power of the imagination in this enchanting tale, showing that a little rain need not ruin a day out to the zoo. The culture of Ghana is showcased through sparse text interwoven with beautiful artwork to tell a story full of adventure.

The power of a child’s imagination is brought to life by the magical illustrations of Lisa Bentley. Her vivid depictions of Ghana add an element of visual storytelling which engages and enlightens readers.

‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ has been written to enrich and expand children’s minds, introducing them to the native wildlife of Ghana. The book features Twi, a tonal language spoken in Ghana, broadening the spectrum of language for both child and parent alike.

According to a 2019 study by ‘We Need Diverse Books’, only 11.9% of children’s books feature Black or African characters. The Rainy Day Zoo features a Black central character, adding much-needed diversity to the world of children’s literature.

Supporting the Kickstarter project will give the backer access to 32-pages of adventure, with full-colour illustrations and fun, educational facts throughout. As well as facilitating publishing of ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ and diversifying bookshelves worldwide, the Kickstarter will also fund an accessibly priced special edition specifically for Ghanaian children. The experience of reading a book with ethnically diverse characters can positively shape a child’s perspective of themselves, building their self-esteem and contributing to a more tolerant and accepting society.

‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ Kickstarter campaign also includes two additional stretch goals. If the campaign exceeds its goal and reaches £5500 or more, every backer who pledges at least £15 will receive an upgraded 216 L mm x 279 H / 8.5′ L x 11′ premium hardcover version of the book.

The second stretch goal is set to £8000 or more, where backers who pledge at least £15 will receive an upgraded 216 L mm x 279 H / 8.5′ L x 11′ premium hardcover version of the book plus a limited edition 15 page coloring book.

To celebrate both stretch goals the author will donate 100 copies of The Rainy Day Zoo to schools, children’s hospitals, libraries and non-profit organizations in Ghana and the UK.

On the forthcoming launch of ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’, Kobina Mensah, author, said:

“I am so excited to bring ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ to the bookshelves of children across the globe. Storytelling has a unique power to enrich young minds and expand horizons. ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ paints a picture of the natural wonders of Ghana and the importance of imagination in childhood and beyond.

Working alongside the talented illustrator Lisa Bentley has motivated me to showcase glorious Ghana, which rarely gets the recognition it deserves. I hope people feel inspired to support our Kickstarter, to bring alive a story that young readers will want to read again and again. I believe in teaching the importance of compassion and understanding. Through ‘The Rainy Day Zoo’, I passionately believe we can impact future generations.”

About the author

‘The Rainy Day Zoo’ is the second children’s book written and self-published by Kobina Mensah, who grew up in Ghana and currently resides in the British countryside. Mr. Mensah has multiple traditional book contracts with major publishers.

Bernard Mensah
The Rainy Day Zoo

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