The PIERCE™ Model & HR: The 3 Purposes of All Policies

The PIERCE™ Model for Performance

The PIERCE™ Model for Performance

The PIERCE™ Model's 3 purposes of all policies

The 3 Purposes of all Policies

The PIERCE™ Model's 3 Most Critical Tenets of Leradeship Flow Chart

The 3 Most Critical Tenets of Leadership

The PIERCE™ Model offers innovation for human resources, compliance, policy and executive leadership teams internationally

The ability for human resources, compliance and leadership teams to understand the symbiotic relationship between policy and performance is key”

— Solomon Carter

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — The Performance Improvement Ethics Risk & Communication Enhancement model known as The PIERCE™ Model continues to release innovative concepts and development tools for HR, compliance executives and leadership teams from all fields of expertise. From healthcare to ecommerce, logistics to finance and beyond, as long as there are humans and innovation, the principles of the PIERCE™ Model are designed to produce its namesake.

In the latest model’s derivative, it offers “The 3 Distinct Purposes of all Policies” as a professional guide for human resources, compliance, policy, operations, communications and leadership teams to follow and distribute organization wide throughout their enterprise risk management. This offering is part of The PIERCE’s™ recent release of “The 3 Most Critical Tenets of Leadership” which is also a resource to leadership teams across the business spectrum.

PIERCE™ Sr. Communications Manager, Jeff Goldberg states “The 3 purposes of policies and procedures model is a part of the curricula and performance improvement measures that have been incorporated into the new PIERCE™ certification created by Solomon Carter. The concepts are designed to surge performance and insulate organizations from risk which is the constant balance well ran organizations seek. The PIERCE™ Model’s concepts address those challenges and offers clear guidance on how to surge performance in that critical area. Of course, this is in addition to its overall foundational objective to improve performance and ethics, lower risk and enhance communication throughout an organization’s portfolio which the model has already proven to do.”

“The ability for human resources, compliance and leadership teams to understand the symbiotic relationship between policy and performance is key and it starts with mastering the 3 distinct purposes of all policies and procedures. We’ve had tremendous success with the model at Emory Healthcare, in our aid work in Haiti and with our COVID pandemic communications work everywhere it has been applied” states Solomon Carter, the model’s creator. “This and the other concepts recently released and that will be released in upcoming segments will help organizations to better operate within their risk tolerances, insulate them from risk and offer them the unique ability to outperform the competition in the process.” he went on to say.

The PIERCE™ Model offers easy to read, easy to understand and more importantly easy to apply tools, and methodologies for organizations to use seamlessly in their effort to reach the highest levels of performance at every level. But don’t take our word for it, see for your yourself by reviewing the functionality of The PIERCE™ Model and its far reaching applications.

About the architect: Solomon Carter is the architect of The PIERCE™ Model. He leads the Physicians Group Practices, Patient Financial Services Office of Professional Development at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta and is a special advisor to the Vice President. He also serves as the Executive Director of All Power in His Hands Christian Mission which is an aid organization that serves and operates in Haiti. Solomon is also the architect of the COVID-19 Communications Pallet for Government Leaders, Policy and Healthcare Professionals which is a communications mainframe designed to bring systemization and uniformity to the initial COVID response for greater efficiency and timeliness in the sharing of critical data. His COVID work was inspired in part, by his work in Haiti during the cholera outbreak. His thought leadership is regularly featured in The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) as well as the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

Jeff Goldberg, Sr. Manager
The PIERCE™ Model
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