The Mentis Company Launches FDA-Approved Oxygen Powered Hand Sanitizer

This FDA OTC registered hand sanitizer is the first of its kind to hit the market.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2021 / — The Mentis Company officially launches the O2 Cleanser, a product that cleanses for healthier skin without the harmful additives that big named brands continuously use. Infused oxygen and nano-colloidal silver, the O2 Cleanser is a clean ingredient, travel-size hand sanitizer and germ neutralizer that does away from harmful toxins, chemicals, and additives without the use of alcohol.

“We are so proud to introduce more consumers to the evolution of an all-natural, non-toxic, oxygen infused hand sanitizer,” said Isabel Marshall COO of The Mentis Company. “This is a multi-purpose product that sanitizes surfaces and your skin with all-natural plant-derived ingredients. The O2 Cleanser kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs in 15 seconds with a broad-spectrum kill that prevents the development of resistant germs, and it is safe to use on children, or dry and delicate skin, as it has actually been proven to maintain skin integrity and heal damaged skin.”

With its ingredient combination of hypochlorous acid and nano-colloidal silver, the O2 Cleanser completely transcends when it comes to skin benefits. As a sanitizer and an anti-inflammatory, hypochlorous acid is a soothing and repairing ingredient that allows the skin to heal from wounds and deal with the common skin irritations such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

The O2 Cleanser is a breathable product that does not suffocate the skin and encourages healthy cell renewal. The advanced formulated sanitizer forms a breathable second skin on the complexion to allow oxygen to reach the cells. It also provides instant hydration to create a soft and smooth texture as well as maintains your microbiome. Best of all, it can even be used to cleanse other parts of your life, like the amazing fruits and veggies that help to further nourish and clean.

“At The Mentis Company, we believe it is our responsibility to do our best to support and inspire our community in any way we can,” said Marshall. “Five percent of each sale of the O2 Cleanser will be donated to selected organizations and charities that help provide clean water to poverty-stricken communities in the US and around the world. Access to clean water and sanitation are a priority and realities to communities that have had little to no access in the past. No one in this world should suffer from a lack of safe water or clean products.”

By formulating and offering the O2 Cleanser, The Mentis Company strives to reduce the risk of illness and passing germs and alleviate some of the stress and pressure that the global sanitizer and clean product shortage had caused and provide a vital product to individuals and families looking for peace of mind.

The Company has a planned production schedule of other oxygen infused products lined up this year.

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Leslye Lezcano – Chief Marketing Officer
The Mentis Company
+1 (786) 506-2379

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