The First Real Use Case for Crypto

This is the world’s first real use case for cryptocurrency.”

— Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger, CEO

WIEN, ÖSTERREICH, October 6, 2021 / — GAMB – the developers of the world’s first swap token – the GMB and GMBT have partnered with the GloBra Group to create a marketplace where crypto can be used in day-to-day e-commerce.

This marketplace is called GLMall.

Merchants and Online Businesses are able to register their shops and services on GLMall and with the click of a button they are now eligible to receive their payment in GMBT – almost instantly and without transaction fees. Of course, they can still sell for FIAT money as well, but GLMall provides the first real use case for cryptocurrency here.

Users acquire GMB (either through trading for ETH, BTC, USDT or buying them with traditional FIAT) which then are stored in their GMB-Wallet. Here the user can swap the GMB to GMBT without losing any value.

Then, the GMBT can be used to purchase goods and services on GLMall – without transaction fees!

The merchants who receive the GMBT can then use them to either buy goods/services on GLMall for themselves, or transfer them back to GMB in their wallet.
After swapping back to GMB the merchant then can sell his GMB for FIAT.

Since September GLMall, the swapping gate and staking of GMB are all up and running.

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