The First Gender-Inclusive Undergarment Line for Preteens is on Presale

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Lola Olivia seeks to empower our youth during an impressionable but often forgotten period in their lives when they need guidance most

…We will provide unwavering support and education to both young adults and their parents and caregivers.”

— Jody Varona

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2021 / — The first undergarment line catering to both cis and trans preteens is now on presale. Lola Olivia offers age-appropriate bras, bralettes, and binders that emphasize comfort and subtlety to accommodate our youth in a private platform that directly caters to them.

CEO and founder Jody Varona decided to take action just before her daughter Lola’s 13th birthday. While taking her daughter shopping for her first proper bra, she quickly realized it was impossible to find a modest but good quality bra in her daughter’s size.

“It was a terrible experience,” Varona recounts. “We went from store to store, growing increasingly frustrated as we found that this age group was totally neglected, which was so sad because this is a time in their lives when they should feel encouraged and empowered at the beauty of becoming a young adult.”

She described how every bra Lola tried on either didn’t fit her petite frame or was much too mature in style for a middle schooler. With such a lack of resources available for her daughter, Jody started to think about transgender tweens and teens and how frustrating their journeys through puberty must be without the guidance of a company that focused on their needs. According to Reuters, nearly one in 50 American high school students considered themself transgender as of 2019. This number has steadily increased, yet no company exists to cater to this specific demographic and support young trans youth on their journey through puberty until now.

“In addition to our products, I hope that by providing a private platform where youths can safely shop for different undergarment options we will promote body positivity, improve self esteem and provide unwavering support and education to both young adults and their parents and caregivers,” said Varona.

Lola Olivia’s presale event launched on Sept. 20, featuring a preliminary line of two bras and a binder, with options in black and white. Visit to learn more and shop.

About Lola Olivia
Lola Olivia is the nation’s first inclusive undergarment company for pre-teens ages 9 to 15. Based in NYC, the brand provides comfortable, age-appropriate undergarments to the youth of all genders. Lola Olivia’s goal is to empower and uplift our youth during this impressionable time by providing support for both their bodies and minds. For more information, visit Thank you!

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