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International buyers can finally open communications with, request samples/quotes from, and make purchases from every major chemical manufacturer in Japan.

OSAKA CITY, OSAKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN, September 6, 2021 / — BuyChemJapan Corporation (Headquartered: Osaka, CEO: Masa Oguchi) aims to improve the transparency and convenience of doing business with Japanese chemical manufacturers through the launch of the world’s first online direct communication chemical marketplace, named “BuyChemJapan”, which is now online at

BuyChemJapan allows you to centrally manage your business history through filtering, request samples, documents and quotations, hold negotiations, make orders, and conclude contracts in line with the business flow of the chemical industry. Its user experience includes…

1. Top page
Whether manufacturer or buyer, you sign-in via the top page to access your account, where reliable communication and transactions between companies can be guaranteed.

2. Search Functionality / Chemical Thumbnails
Searches can be conducted not only by a chemical’s name or CAS number, but also by function, intended application, and other aspects. You can also request samples and/or quotations by a single click of the relevant button on the thumbnails of your desired product.

3. Shop Front (Manufacturer / Product pages)
Each manufacturer and product on BuyChemJapan has its own page, known as its “Shopfront”. On this page, you can find all the information and details you will need to make an informed purchase.

4. Chat
BuyChemJapan’s Chat feature allows for direct one-on-one communication with the manufacturer of the product you are buying. If desired, group communication involving related-parties is also available. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the product, they can be solved in a timely and straightforward manner by direct contact with the company you are buying from.

5. Request for Quotation (RFQ)
After finding the desired product via BuyChemJapan’s comprehensive search engine, clicking the RFQ button on the product thumbnail will take you through to the Request for Quotation form. Here, you can enter details such as typical order quantity, the intended application, preferred currency, and indentor commission and make their request directly to the manufacturer.

6. Order
When the manufacturer gives you their quotation, and you accept it, then the order is confirmed; from this point you will move on to concluding your sales contract.

The value of BuyChemJapan as an online chemical marketplace is inherent in its status as being the first of its kind. The following is a list of the services it provides, all of which are free for users.

– The Ability to Easily Access Japan’s Chemical Market
– Access to the Storefronts for all our manufacturers and chemicals.
– Comprehensive and detailed search functionality ensures that you find the perfect chemical for your needs.
– Direct one-on-one communications with Japanese manufacturers, removing the need to deal with trading companies and middlemen.
– A Fully Digitized Industry Marketplace
– Full access to a system which ensures you can directly submit questions to the manufacturer at any point during the transaction process.
– Make any purchases with complete confidence and transparency to ensure you get the best and more logical deal for you.

Day by day, the number of manufacturers using BuyChemJapan to introduce their products to the international market is increasing, the number of chemicals you will have access to buy is increasing. As we continue to add and improve functions, BuyChemJapan will cement its position as the leading marketplace for chemicals.

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