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World’s only Ignite Coach, Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA,

Ignite Coach Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA


We have learned that once we ignite the fire within, the human spirit will be on fire, and that burning desire to achieve is self-propelling.”

— Ignite Coach Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2021 / — Team Ignite, Coach Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA, is helping the human spirit. When we first learned of his work, we had questions for the only Ignite Coach in the world. He is a life and business strategist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, recording artist, Amazon five-star rated author, and veteran. He leads a diverse team of thought leaders who provides inspiration, strength, and opportunities for growth for his clients. He provides innovative strategies and solutions to businesses of all sizes to fuel high performance from within.

Manchester Reports Director of Communications sits down for a conversation with Ignite Coach Ron Mitchell JD, MBA, and this is what he had to say:
Question: Given all that we have gone through over the past 20 months caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic such as the dramatic loss of human life worldwide, challenges with public health, food systems, supply chain gaps, and a possible impending lockdown again, how do you continue to ignite the human spirit? Given what is going on the economic and social disruption millions of people face, the millions at risk of falling into extreme poverty with nearly half of the world’s population at risk of losing their livelihoods, how are you able to grow professionally, emotionally, and function effectively while igniting the fire within so many?

Answer: Thank you for the question, the situation can seem quite bleak when you attempt to address it all at once; however, out of adversity comes opportunity. Team Ignite is igniting the fire within to drive the human spirit. During the tragedy of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, or throughout the war in Afghanistan, or the various horrible incidents of wildfires or floods resulting from climate change, human beings have heard the call, felt the burning desire to move to action, and ordinary people have stepped up to become heroes. I have seen it time and again where over the past 20 years, we have been fueling peak performance in people, corporations, companies, communities, and countries. We have learned that once we ignite the fire within, the human spirit will be on fire, and that burning desire to achieve is self-propelling. As a result, through Team Ignite, I have been recognized as one of the Top 100 Minority and Women Entrepreneurs in America being featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo News, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Atlantic, US News, MSN, and more.

We cannot downplay the current pandemic and ongoing crisis where one million people have lost their lives. Millions of families continue to be affected by COVID-19 variants. We recognize that the current situation can seem quite daunting but as long as our spirit is not broken, as long as we have a purpose, as long as there is a spark then we can ignite the fire. We are not going to focus on the problem, stead, we will focus on the future. We must be transformational if we are to address the mental health issues caused by isolation, loss of a loved one, fear of death, anxiety, and the social-emotional challenges resulting from the pandemic. We have to double down on our services because we know the benefits to the individual, the corporation, society, and the country when we ignite the fire within and drive the human spirit. That is why I am fired up about our latest product Coaching, Cooking, and Inclusion.

This unique live virtual experience is designed to spark real-life conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. To ignite an open dialogue over the common bond of food through, Coaching, Cooking, and Inclusion, the perfect tool and a great way to transform your organization. Throughout corporate America and government agencies, leadership teams are making it a key priority to engage women and men in diversity and inclusion efforts. When men and women of different ethnic and economic backgrounds interact with each other, food has been a constant ingredient and catalyst for change. Inclusion is still a very difficult topic to discuss for many. We have designed a playful, innovative coaching approach inspired by cooking and conversation to help bridge the inclusion gap. Through a phased approach of listening, awareness, informing, and encouraging action, companies, institutions, and government agencies learn how to actively engage men and women in an inclusive and inspiring environment.

In conclusion, Team Ignite, through our ongoing support of Fortune 500 companies results in the improvement of human innovation, performance, and the reduction of depression within the workforce. We invite you to join us and allow us to ignite the fire within, visit our website at to join the team.

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