The American Robin

In this book, Roland H. Wauer offers a complete natural history of the American Robin for a popular audience.

Whoever kills a robin will never have good luck were they to live a thousand years.”

— Roland H. Wauer

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, September 29, 2021 / — Roland H. Wauer’s The American Robin unabashedly explores the ”Whoever kills a robin will never have good luck were they to live a thousand years.” lore that surrounds the robins. The book includes well-captured photographs of the American Robin, North America’s most widespread songbird with a range extending from Alaska, Canada, and Newfoundland to the highlands and plains of Mexico and Guatemala.

The American Robin’s ruddy red breast and cheerful song made it one of the country’s most beloved birds. As a matter of fact, Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin have chosen the American Robin as their state bird and unsurprisingly, a pair of robins grace the Canadian two-dollar bill.

In this slim book, Wauer was able to squeeze in a complete and detailed natural history of the well-loved bird for a popular audience that fancies learning about the bird and its background. Wauer, with all his learnings gathered during his long years as a park ranger and a passionate lover of wildlife combined it with his own observations as a field naturalist with data gleaned from credible scientific literature and studies. The author vividly describes the American Robin from every angle—appearance, biology, distribution, behavior, life cycle, and every factor that makes the American robin, ‘The American Robin’.

Readers are also able to enjoy various popular legends and lores, lores that make this bird more mystical than it already is. Fortunately, Wauer offers suggestions for attracting robins to your yard which may or may not include using their favorite food, their favorite water setting, landscape paintings, and nesting places. Well, you need to read the book to find out.

The American Robin
Written by: Roland H. Wauer
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