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2010 Audi R8 on Topmarq

2010 Audi R8 on Topmarq

Topmarq Logo

Topmarq Logo

The used vehicle market leaves luxury car owners stranded. Topmarq offers a new marketplace that ensures sellers get fair value for their luxury cars.

We’re excited to bring a level of security and ease of mind that has never before existed in the private market”

— Quinn Osha

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, March 9, 2021 / — Topmarq Inc. today announced the expansion of its luxury car marketplace that allows users to create beautiful listings for their high-end vehicles. The private car sales by owner site allows sellers to field offers from buyers across the nation to ensure they get the best possible price.

With new online sellers popping up left and right, the mid-market has never been more competitive for sellers. Topmarq, however, focuses on the group that has been mostly left out thus far – the high end. Using one of the online buyers to sell your luxury cars like an Audi R8 or Lexus LC 500 would not be the most prudent choice as they have little understanding of the markets. In fact, they may not even be willing to buy the cars. So where do luxury car owners turn? Topmarq.

Topmarq envisions the future where it acts as the marketplace where buyers and sellers can find each other and safely transact without worry of scams or fraudulent money. The FBI tracked over $50B in online vehicle scams through the middle of the decade and Topmarq’s payment platform stops those from the very start. “We’re excited to bring a level of security and ease of mind that has never before existed in the private market,” said Topmarq Founder, Quinn Osha.

In the same way you can now buy your favorite gadget from a private seller on the Amazon marketplace, Topmarq will connect you with private vehicle owners from across the country so that you can find your perfect car. “We help owners get the most for their cars by assisting them in making listings that highlight their value,” said Osha. And with the Topmarq name behind every transaction, buyers and sellers can relax knowing the process will be handled properly.

Topmarq assists buyers and sellers throughout the process to ensure they are confident in each step. Listing assistance helps sellers write detailed and meaningful listings, while required pre-purchase inspections for each car give buyers additional clarity and confidence. Buyers can shop used cars for sale by owner listings to see what’s available directly from owners.

As we expand in the Houston area, we look forward to helping improve the process for millions of Americans who would prefer to sell their luxury vehicles for what they are worth and in the process work with a fellow citizen rather than a dealer salesperson.

About Topmarq

Topmarq is the new way to sell cars privately online. Engaging listings, required vehicle inspections, and secure transactions give buyers confidence and make cars sell faster. We guide sellers through the listing process to ensure quality and require 3rd party pre-purchase inspections. Buyers see any car flaws highlighted from the inspection, reserve test drives, and can transact safely on the platform.

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