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SUNNYVALE, CA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2021 / — PluriPotent Diagostics (PDx) announces the official filing of their international patent, “Methods to Detect Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.” PDx is focused on eliminating complex neurogenetic disorders from the global population; founded in 2019 by Drs. Robert Logan and Sean James Miller in Silicon Valley, whom together hold over three decades of neurodegenerative research.

PDx took an interdisciplinary approach to provide early ALS disease detection prior to neuronal death and disease onset. Early therapeutic intervention before disease onset is the only way to prevent or cure neurodegenerative disorders. By combining recent clinical data from Answer ALS, genetics, bioinformatics, and machine learning, the PDx team combined genetic sequencing with machine learning models to provide 100 percent sensitivity at detection of over 30% of the ALS population, the highest ever recorded.

To date, ALS is incurable and current therapeutics prolong lifespan by only a few months. Therefore, it is imperative to find early detection systems for early therapeutic intervention, before disease onset. In PDx’s experimentation and algorithmic modeling, they unraveled multiple genes associated with ALS, that have previously never been recorded. With several of the novel gene candidates, PDx is exploring genetic therapies in various human and animal models to push to the clinic for ALS patients, particularly, patient-specific diagnostics and therapeutics.

PluriPotent Diagnostics sponsorships include: Amazon Web Services, California’s Molecular Medicine Research Institute, and NVIDIA.

PluriPotent Diagnostics ALS disease classifier is expected to be available in the Winter of 2021.
It all starts with an at home nasal swab kit, pre-paid overnighting to PDx, followed by user-friendly results in PDx’s client portal online and mobile. Each client will undergo a confidential and HIPAA compliant consultation with PDx’s Genetic Counselor.

At PDx, we focus on transferring molecular genetic research to the everyday person and walk the journey with each client specifically.

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Pluripotent Diagnostics
Pluripotent Diagnostics

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