Tenantcube Introduces Expense Tracking in Mobile App for Landlords

The Accounting feature helps landlords find their gross profit at a glance.

Find gross profit at a glance, after monthly income and expenses.

Attaching receipts digitally

Attach receipts digitally to all transactions.

Logging expenses

Log each income and expense entry with all the relevant details.

Tenantcube’s new Expense Tracking feature allows landlords to gauge high-level profitability of their rental business at a single glance.

We wanted to help our users get their accounting in order, by building one secure place to act as a repository for all property-related bills.”

— Andrews Moses

ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tenantcube’s AI-based property management software is gaining popularity among landlords and property managers for streamlining the entire renting experience. The Tenantcube mobile application is available on iOS and Android, allowing property management from any device and from any location.

The app helps landlords list their properties, invite people to apply, and find great tenants. The leasing process and subsequent tenant management involves several transactions and bills. To keep track of all these property-related incomes and expenses, Tenantcube’s mobile app has an Accounting module where all transactions can be logged in detail. This feature was built due to the success of the standalone expense tracking sheet that Tenantcube offers for free. The demand for this sheet made them realise the value of quick and convenient expense tracking for property owners. The mobile app also allows users to attach the respective receipt or bill to each entry. To store a receipt, users can just take a quick photo and attach it digitally to the relevant entry. Entries can be recorded under various categories associated with a property – application fees, deposits, monthly rent payments, capital improvements, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, mortgage, etc. At a single glance, the landlord can see the gross profit from their properties – This helps the landlord gauge the profitability of their business on a high level.

Andrews Moses, CEO and co-founder, says “All the new features we introduce are rooted in my own past experiences and struggles as a new landlord. Right from renovation to maintenance to emergency repairs, a lot of bills accumulate when you rent out a property. We wanted to help our users get their accounting in order, by building one secure place to act as a repository for all property-related bills.”

Apart from the Accounting module, the Tenantcube landlord app also enables users to –

Create a rental portfolio
List vacant properties
Share on social media
Invite potential tenants to apply

According to Stefano Di Pietro, an accountant with DDL & Co., “This is going to make everyone’s life easy! At the end of the year, I will be able to file taxes without having to go back and forth with my clients.”

Tenantcube is currently putting the finishing touches on their next big feature Work Order Management, in line with their mission to make landlords’ lives easier.

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Tenantcube CEO Andrews Moses demonstrates the use of their free expense tracking sheet for landlords.

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