Tenant Inc. Adds Hummingbird Integration With XPS Solutions

Tenant has built an API integration that will simplify rentals for customers using Hummingbird and XPS Solutions’ call center services.

Tenant’s Nectar application completed one of its most complex integrations recently with XPS Solutions.”

— Lance Watkins, CEO, Tenant Inc.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tenant Inc., an innovation leader in self storage technology, has added a new integration to give self storage operators a simplified way to gather more leads and convert them to customers.

The API integration combines the call center services of XPS Solutions with the property management capabilities of Hummingbird to give users of both systems a centralized rental ecosystem. To facilitate this API integration, Tenant Inc. is leveraging the power of Nectar, its proprietary global distribution system (GDS).

The API integration gives XPS Solutions representatives visibility into the operator’s inventory; prices; available discounts; and protection and insurance plans. With the integration, XPS Solutions representatives can guide a lead through the process of renting a storage space.

“Tenant’s Nectar application completed one of its most complex integrations recently with XPS Solutions,” said Lance Watkins CEO of Tenant Inc. “The vision we had with Nectar, our global distribution system, was to open up successful integrations to position partners’ products for success. I’m excited because this is our first large commercial integration of Nectar and it shows that our vision has arrived.”

XPS representatives can also take payments from current customers and set them up on AutoPay, a component of the integration that many other property management systems do not offer. They can also leave notes on a tenant’s account in the event that they’re not able to answer a question, to ensure a manager follows up.

XPS Solutions is the original centralized sales and support center for independent self storage operators and has offered its services to operators for more than 20 years. The company provides backup support for self storage properties that allows operators to retain a lead in the event that a manager isn’t able to answer a property’s phone.

In this situation, instead of the property missing the call, the lead is forwarded to an XPS Solutions call center. Because of the new integration Tenant built between Hummingbird and XPS Solutions’ proprietary technology, the experience will seem no different to the caller than if someone onsite had picked up the phone.

“We are proud to have played a critical role in the integration of Hummingbird,” said Michael Roberts, EVP, business development & operations for XPS Solutions. “We look forward to the rollout of this cutting-edge product.”

Building a call center is an expensive undertaking, and XPS Solutions’ services enable independent self storage operators to avoid those steep costs.

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with such a hard-working group of developers,” said Shannon Charbonneau, director of client relations for XPS Solutions. “The Hummingbird team is clearly striving for world-class product and we’re excited to have been there with them for each step in the integration process.”

About Tenant Inc.
Tenant Inc, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, develops real estate property technologies for a seamless user experience. Our open platform is designed to create customizable solutions through a suite of product offerings for storage operators, including innovative property management software, cutting-edge websites, digital marketing services, and signage, Tenant Interface platform, and the self-storage industry’s first global distribution system, Nectar. At Tenant, technology and real estate are in our DNA. We call it renting reimagined.

About XPS Solutions
XPS Solutions is headquartered in Richardson, Texas (www.XPSUSA.com) and is the longest-tenured centralized sales and support center in the self-storage industry established in 2000. XPS provides properties with an integrated mobile application for tenants, a reputation solution to drive SEO, payment processing, and IVR solutions, and voice and chat solutions designed to capture more rentals and enhance the stay of tenants. To learn more about XPS Solutions, visit their website: www.xpsusa.com.

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