Tawnee Chasny Spins Suspense in Rural America

Ting!: The Silent Warning

A story of how one relationship can survive the toughest of odds unfolds

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tawnee Chasny serves up a story of suspense in rural United States in the published novelette “Ting! The Silent Warning.”

In “Ting!,” Tawnee tells the story of two different women who come together in the face of their own emotional turmoil and eventually overcome adversity with each other. Lilly is an artist from the big city. She’s grown tired of the bustle of the metropolis and is taking refuge in her grandfather’s cabin in God’s Country. Joanne, meanwhile, is a widow whose husband has recently passed away. Grieving his death, she decides to leave everything behind and uproot herself to a small cabin in the same community as Lilly. The two women meet and become friends. Their interactions with each other lead from one thing to another. Will this friendship lead to their mutual demise? Or will it bring forth from within them the strength and willpower to persevere over a looming threat?

Tawnee Chasny is a retired teacher and mother of two from Southern California. Upon retirement, she decided to focus most of her energies into writing stories that people from within her circle of friends – and even those from within her locality – can enjoy. “Ting! The Silent Warning” is the first of her written works to be published. Short in form, this novelette barely clocks in at 130 pages. However, it is densely filled with the drama and suspense one would expect from one of the most promising contemporary writers today.

In the novel, Tawnee explores the complex relationships usually observed in a small, closely-knit rural community like God’s Country. Her tale follows the two protagonists as their lives intertwine during the course of the novelette, eventually culminating into a partnership that can outsmart even the most maddening of foes.

Find out more about Lilly and Joanne by purchasing “Ting! The Silent Warning” from Tawnee’s website, www.authordonnachasny.com.

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