Tara Ferrell of The Manifesting Lifestyle to be Featured on Close Up Radio

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Could there be something preventing your business from growing or stopping you from finding a successful relationship? Could there be something stopping you from choosing something different and breaking out of the same patterns you follow day after day?

A “trapped emotion” may be causing you to fall into old thought patterns or self-sabotage.

As we experience events in our life, we trap the energy associated with those events in our energy field.

The Emotion Code is a holistic approach to energy healing that allows us to release this energy and allow the body to return to its natural energy alignment.

Tara Ferrell is an energy healer and the founder of The Manifesting Lifestyle, where she offers the Emotion Code.

“The reason I started practicing the Emotion Code is to help people overcome fear and other emotions that are preventing them from being who they choose to be,” says Tara. “This energy that has been stored in their body has been altering the way they respond to their life and altering their decision-making abilities. If we can clear that energy, then it will no longer have an affect on the choices they make.”

The best part about the Emotion Code is that the client does not need to relive the traumatic experience to clear the emotion. By a simple process of asking questions and muscle testing the answers, the emotion can be found and released. Most clients feel a sense of lightness after an Emotion Code session.

“I have always been interested in the energy field of the body and the effect it has on our health and mental wellbeing. I discovered the Emotion Code while looking for an alternative way to help people overcome emotional trauma,” says Tara.

“I have worked with people who suffer from both PTSD and severe panic attacks and seen positive results in both cases. However, the Emotion Code can also be used to release energy blocks causing problems in other areas of your life as well. I am currently working to release trapped emotions related to the success of my business.”

“I always root for the underdog and want people to live their best life. I like to listen to people and help uplift them,” says Tara. “I’m proud of my business and this practice, I know that the Emotion Code is a true healing modality that can help people and be a catalyst for change in their lives.”

Close Up Radio will feature Tara Ferrell in an interview with Jim Masters on September 8th at 4pm EDT

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