Sweet Grass Vodka Wins Unprecedented Three Masters Medals and One Gold at The Vodka Masters 2021 Awards

The Vodka Masters is a worldwide contest which includes both big name and startup vodka brands from across the globe.

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sweet Grass Vodka is pleased to announce it has been awarded three masters medals and one gold medal at The Vodka Masters 2021 – an unprecedented win for one single SKU in the contest’s history.

Sweet Grass Vodka is a family-owned and locally sourced distillery that creates premium, gluten-free potato vodka. The company relies on fresh, local ingredients to achieve an exceptionally smooth taste, including just three simple elements – potatoes, water, and yeast.

Recently, the team at Sweet Grass Vodka received news that it has reached a phenomenal achievement – walking away with three master medals and one gold medal for its single expression across multiple categories in The Vodka Masters 2021. The Vodka Masters is an annual, global vodka tasting contest judged by a panel of expert tasters, with this year’s competition being held at the Ibis hotel in London Bridge, UK. This year, there were 133 entries from 63 different countries from around the world – including both big name brands and small startups.

“Being a new distillery, we only entered four categories for our first time, and to receive three masters and one gold is unheard of for one SKU,” says CEO and founder of Sweet Grass Vodka, Jarrod Swanger. “We are truly humbled and honored to be recognized by the panel of esteemed judges for our product which is beginning to make its mark on the world stage. We couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishments and look forward to entering additional categories in the years to come.”

Sweet Grass Vodka stole the show with its win in four specific categories, those being:

Organic – Master
Micro-Distillery – Master
Smooth – Master
Premium – Gold

For more information about Sweet Grass Vodka, please visit https://sweetgrassvodka.com/.

About Sweet Grass Vodka

The team at Sweet Grass Vodka believes not all vodka is created equal, particularly regarding flavor, color, and odor. Continuously distilled equal to ten times, the company has achieved a vodka with a smooth taste and mouthfeel that allows the unique notes of potatoes grown in the South Carolina region to shine through. With these astounding attributes, Sweet Grass Vodka is surely a product to be on the look for.

Jarrod Swanger, Owner and CEO
Sweet Grass Vodka
+1 854-222-5921

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