Sway Media Networks Launches Market Research Engine Powered By Amazon Live

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sway Media Networks, a pioneer in “Shopatainment TV,” has created the ultimate market research vehicle for brands to gain insight into the shopping habits of its viewers. With its broadcast division, Sway TV, the network is using its production and distribution resources powered by Amazon Live, to leverage the live interactive chat built within the platform to provide insights for brands from a unique cohort of consumers who are classified as early adopters via their viewership of the Amazon Live Platform. 

Live-streaming shoppable content has grown rapidly over the past year, and Amazon Live, via its formal launch in July 2020, has allowed content creators to host their own live shopping shows on the Amazon Platform. Sway TV, the largest A list tiered network on Amazon Live as measured by streaming time, has crafted an algorithmic based system and methods for brand partners to engage their viewers with the goal of gaining valuable organic market research for the various SKU’s within their product line. 

Sway Media Networks has developed a series of content modules ranging from game show style giveaways, which are increasingly gaining popularity on the platform, as well as a host of other question and answer type programs to marry its brand partners to their ever increasing viewership, allowing viewers to connect via the live interactive chat that runs alongside broadcasts on Amazon Live. “As first movers in live shoppable content creation, Sway TV has been able to experience consumer brand interaction that is not readily available across other social media platforms, and has been able to provide a suite of market research data not previously available to its brand partners,” says Andrew Waldman, the founder of Sway Media Networks. 

For more information you can visit http://swaytv.com. If you are interested in collaborating with Sway Media Research Bureau, please email at hello@shopswaytv.com. 

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