Supply Chain Disruptions Impact Businesses

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 / — Logistics and the continuity of global supply chains have been ongoing challenges in the age of COVID-19. What initially began most notably in the U.S. as the infamous toilet paper shortage has progressed around the world into most industries. Everything from employee outbreaks in various facilities to transportation issues, these obstacles have proven to be difficult for retailers who depend on goods manufactured overseas. This can be most recently observed in the seemingly endless line of container ships queuing up for entry into ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.

Westport Big & Tall was quick to identify these challenges early. As a company that sources its goods from several countries, they recognized these potential problems from the beginning and were pro-active in adapting to what may become a “new normal” in manufacturing and shipping for the immediate future. They worked in tandem with their leading brands to finalize upcoming seasons’ selections and together with early ordering and well-laid out shipping windows were able to secure their products and bring them to market. Likewise with their own in-house brands, they partnered with their chief sourcing and manufacturing company to design and deliver signature goods on-time for their customers.

Compounding these issues has been a recent shortage in paper, one that experts say could last into 2022 or longer. They have pointed to government statistics that show an increase in both the cost of wood pulp and the price of paper. The printing industry has also been hit by pandemic-related labor shortages and issues with distribution such as a lack of trucks and drivers. In addition, many paper manufacturers have begun producing cardboard boxes due to the escalated demand in shipping online orders to consumers.

As a company with a historically strong catalog distribution, Westport Big & Tall has certainly been impacted by this phenomenon. Fortunately, much like in regards to potential product delivery issues, they took a similarly forward-thinking approach to resolving this situation by securing the necessary paper from alternate vendors. This ensured that this critical reference for their customers did not experience any delays in arriving at homes in time for the fall season.
The current climate of supply disruption has shown to be hard to navigate and it has called for companies to look at alternative strategies to maintain product levels and thrive in what can feel like a rapidly changing market. Westport Big & Tall continues to make plans in this shifting dynamic to ensure that new product arrives to shelves in their fulfillment center.

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