Supermarket Increases Productivity 50% with ASTRA Mango Peeling Machine

KA-750 peeling mangoes

ASTRA, leading fruit peeling machine manufacturer from Japan, succeeded to increase the mango productivity of a supermarket in California for 50%

FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN, September 24, 2021 / — Fruit peeling machines can make a significant impact on the productivity of fresh-cut fruit, helping the users save time, save labor, and reduce waste. One such example is the supermarket in California, who started to use the ASTRA KA-750 and KA-700H peeling machines from this summer.

The original protocol of this supermarket for mango processing, was four people working 5 days a week 8 hours a day, which means 160 labor hours. After purchasing the ASTRA mango peeling machines, it was possible to peel the same number of mangoes with a three-man team, working 5days a week 5.5 hours a day, which is only 82.5 labor hours. That’s nearly 50% of work week giving back to redistribute labor or reduce labor costs. The cost of the machines was collected in two months, which was a great news for this supermarket.

The way this new three-man team works is quite a sight to behold, given that nature will never make two mangoes the same size and that oftentimes the size you ordered is not the size you received. Utilizing two different sized peeling machines simultaneously allows for the greatest range in fruit sizes while having to adjust settings as little as possible. The team consists of two operators for the two machines and one who is grading the size on the mangoes sending them to the correct operator’s machine. Grading the mangoes by size, sending the smaller ones to the KA-700H and the larger ones to the KA-750. The Production rarely stops and stays at a consistent speed because the only labor involved now is loading and unloading the fruit onto the machine. Once finished peeling all the fruit all three people begin to process into the various retail package sizes and cuts.

In conclusion, not only we have improved the mango yield with more consistent automated peeling machines, but we have reduced the labor by more than nearly 50% by eliminating one person out of the four Man team as well as time savings during peeling and processing. This process is not only a huge savings, but also quite easily scalable from a busy juice bar to IQF factories around the globe. With a small investment into new equipment, you can greatly reduce your own bottom line.

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