Stone Glass Art Non-Profit, The Glass Ribbon Project, Launches To Support Cancer Patients & Loved Ones

Cancer Survivor, Gary Rosenthal Establishes A New Non-Profit
That Fuses Stone Glass Art To Give Hope & Strength To The Cancer Community

WASHINGTON D.C, MARYLAND, USA, June 16, 2021 / — A new type of cancer non-profit, The Glass Ribbon Project Inc., was announced today to support cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments worsened by the isolation caused by COVID-19.

Founded by artist and sculptor, Gary Rosenthal, The Glass Ribbon Project Inc. makes glass “Strength Stones” also referred to as “chemo buddies” that are donated to patients undergoing chemotherapy and their families so they can share their love and support with each other throughout the experience.

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 survivor himself, Rosenthal personally experienced the isolation of chemotherapy treatments when his family was not allowed to be with him in the midst of the COVID-19 hospital visitation lockdown restrictions last year without the hand of a loved one or friend to hold.

Due to his own personal experience, Rosenthal saw the need for both cancer patients and their families to stay connected, to express their support; as well as for the patient to feel the love and positive energy – despite the physical distance. He realized his glass art Strength Stones could help bridge the separation that’s been exacerbated by COVID-19 isolation.

The Strength Stones are polished glass stones that a cancer patient and the patient’s friends and loved ones can hold to provide a tactile demonstration of love and support when they are receiving chemotherapy, or whenever needed so that the patient can physically ‘hold hands’ with supporters when those supporters cannot be with them.

With the newly formed non-profit, Rosenthal hopes to donate 10,000+ Strength Stones to newly diagnosed cancer patients within a year. Other foundations and cancer-care non-profits can also donate Strength Stones to newly diagnosed cancer patients. For large groups and community events, the program also offers kits for participants to create their own custom glass mosaics to be fused into personalized Strength Stones.

The Glass Ribbon Project’s “Strength Stones” can be sent to patients, families, and communities around the world. Through donations, this will help Glass Ribbon Project underwrite programs and provide free-of-charge Strength Stones to those with cancer and beyond.

“The Glass Ribbon Project is built upon the belief that fighting cancer benefits from the support of a close, connected network of people sharing not only words but emotional strength. We strive to use art to strengthen that bond between those who have been diagnosed and those sharing strength with them,” shared Gary Rosenthal, Founder of The Glass Ribbon Project Inc.

“After a friend of mine reached out about my case, immediately The Glass Ribbon Project made some pink and yellow stones. And these stones just brought me much strength and hope knowing that I am not alone,” stated triple-negative breast cancer patient Jessica Fishman.

“I am honored to serve on the board and partner with The Glass Ribbon Project to support individuals with cancer. Through the generosity of The Glass Ribbon Project, 2Unstoppable has been sharing strength stones with members facing new diagnoses or particularly challenging times and it has provided these women with much-needed strength and social support,” said Michelle Stravitz, Co-Founder, 2Unstoppable.

“The idea of providing strength during such a critical time is something that is hard to put into words for someone fighting pancreatic cancer. The strength stones Gary and his team have provided have given our patient community an opportunity to find strength, especially in a global pandemic when it is so hard to socialize with friends and family. Project Purple is proud to provide our patient’s strength stones as part of Blanket of Hope packages knowing how much positive impact they are having in our patients’ lives and letting them know that they are not alone,” stated Dino Verrelli, Founder,& CEO of Project Purple.

About Glass Ribbon Project:
Since its inception in 2005, The Glass Ribbon Project has been a catalyst for using art to do good and promote healing in the face of adversity. Conceived as a way for the community to rally around loved ones fighting against breast cancer, individuals, groups, and organizations have participated in the program as both a fundraiser and “friendraiser”.
To learn more about how you can donate, sponsor fundraiser events, or participate in other opportunities to support and learn more about The Glass Ribbon Project, visit our website at

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